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I'm a young digital artist/animator with tons of ideas and inspiration for a brighter future.
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I felt like I had to draw something dedicated to this tragic event. Probably most of you have known about it already, but if not, Northeastern Japan was struck by both an earthquake and a tsunami on March 11th, destroying the infrastructure and causing quite an amount of casualties. Many are completely devastated by the event, including me.

However, I am happy that people are contributing and praying for Japan, even if they aren't affected by the catastrophe. It's incredible how we all live symbiotically today. (At least, if you exclude all the fighting and all.)

Anyway, Japanese culture is a major influence on my life (who isn't influenced by it?), so it makes me feel sad to know that people are suffering in Japan. I probably wouldn't even be into art without its influence.

I think people should be aware of how much people help us. No matter how much they deny it, there's some connection. Even this catastrophe in Japan affected many worldwide, directly and indirectly. If we can identify all our weaknesses and think about how we can change, it might make the world a better place.
Some art in spare time. Drawn with .5 mechanical pencil on letter size cover paper.
This is my second time drawing in this style in a while. I've been drawing for a few years C:
Or you can move the cursor off the page so it isn't hovering over it for navigation options.
Thank you C: It'd be boring without the humor. I know. I died laughing myself when I thought it all up.
Have a happy christmas!
Chapter 1 will be finished eventually.
For those you cannot view the full image: -d33whem.png
For those you cannot view the full image ncomin-d33whkx.png
That's strange. It shows up for my browser. Not sure how to fix that....
Well I don't really care about what theme it is. All I know is that the story invloves a female as amain character. If there are boundaries in making a decent plot in manga, then I guess I shouldn't continue this manga. I'm not changing the entire plot because the main character has to be male.
Actually, I stared at my own hand for quite a long time. Thanks tho xD