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*pokes head in* wow... I've been gone long... what I miss peeps this thing still around?
OH btw if anyone wants to catch me these days im mostly on Skype
rayunR49 is the names drop me a line some time would be great to catch up with the old gang :3
dont worry robotnik im sure hes still loya- *all the times hes backstabbed him* ah...TOO THE ARMORY!
no one? okay i'll say it *ahem*
that is all.
Nice sprite to
@royzx5 maybe he sadly remembers it all while everyone else has been mind wiped :P....poor guy
and once again give your high-tech equipment an AI program and it WILL find away to fuck with you
welp i'll get the mouce traps... do we want maximum or minimum splatter on this?
Kamen rider W fight line...
how long til we see someone in the comic saying KR Meteors?
ah yes the good old round the world punch
made famous by the flash
A panda using a Pandamon? Bender if you please.
Cherubimon dont you remember what happens when you eat the hero :l
oh bullshit when did he have the ability to do tha-*slapped by plot convinience*
*sees top comment* :D a fellow rider fan
huh? what? what I miss? where did these comics come from? damn I need to get on this more :l;;
*tumble weed* aheh... :l i'll start a new one tonight after my shift I got a late start tomorrow anyway
Tom the dimond. yo fire aint shit to him
aye let us see it done before the end of the world
guess who got his old hard drive back and all my olds stuff back
New year coming soon new luck I hopes
Yeah hay all seems that im not dead and thankfully my Hard drive might not be to! if I can get it to work on this PC (having my dads friend who works with computers check it this week) I will have all my old crap back and more! heck I might even have a PC that can run a game that aint 5 years old :D
anyway. back to TRG
Yes this comics kinda been DEAD for awhile... sure it gets a zap now and then... but really our best makers and the like dont pay much attention (not all just most) and its kinda saddening so i'll leave judgement to you lot... let it slowly go on...or let it fade away and start a new someplace else