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January 10th, 2011
So when can we claim our rooms and everything?
Dudes does anyone here resize
I can't lose them anymore XP
It took me the night to finish them and also edit them but finally ready, now to finish Penny's sheet
Lol forgot to put a pic Now it's fixed
Someone might just have downloaded it and i need it very much
U know the sheet with only 1 sprite named with my Name TobiFalowo, Will ya post it i need it for my comic
No! Not this comic too!
Not a damn newbie :@
What the heck happened to the comics
Failed with the hood
Put Kenny in if it isn't too late
Lazy intro could use more panels
Could use more sprites
Name:Kenny Alex Katsu
Elements and can learn anything and also can go to deko form

I think u can find the Sprites shouldn't be that hard
The designs wouldn't be a problem.
And of course i am experienced
Thank you very much