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I'm a nine-year-old who prefers to use grammar rather than bad spelling. I also wear glasses. My hobbies are making comics and writing short stories. I love Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog and I also love Alvin and the Chipmunks. I plan to make great comics someday.
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Can't wait to see the series!
Funny! Good start to your series!
'Nuff said :)
To Krista
I know it's hard for you, but I'm 9, and I think I could do better stuff than you. But I'm not trying to brag. Tips for MS Paint:
If you're making them see eye-to-eye, use the line tool. Pencil does not look good at all.
When you're making them say stuff, like "Oh my head", you should spell it a little properly. Not A+ properly but not "Oh my hend", because you may confuse some people. It could easily be "Oh my hand."
You should use the line tool to make the bubble tools. Many people are saying this because they don't like the way you did that.
If they're both saying "you" at the same time you should link your bubble together. So that they're both saying one word.
If you're gonna make someone angry(like Mario), you should put his moustache down and make the lines more bold.
With the lines, you should make them straight because it doesn't look very good.
The capitalization needs to be fixed, and I don't want to go ranting on about it, so the best thing you should do is see a tutor or teacher.
Lastly, you should give your story a plot. Like if Sonic should slip over a banana peel, something has to HAPPEN. Everyone can laugh all they want, but you should make it like he gets dyslexia or doesn't remember anything.
That's all. I hope you can do it.