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Apparently a fan commissioned this from an artist at an anime convention and sent to me on May 23... which happens to have been my birthday... Anyways it's always great to receive fan-art.
Check out Gameworld extra for more character art and whatnot...
Commissioned by a fan... don't remember when... drawn by Miandni of Devart...
Comment from the Writer
This was received on my birthday, May 23... The fan who sent it may not have known that but it was a nice gift. Apparently it was commissioned by the fan at a convention the same day it was sent to me...
The four outsiders featured in this picture are from back to front; Zelek, Mana, Terra, and of course the lead Outsider for the first arc and possibly the majority of the series, Rando.
Click link to read df
To be introduced in a later arc. The third of the First Look Characters, Zelek is an opportunist who fights only for himself. What his true goals are and whose side he is truly on is a mystery to all who encounter him. What thoughts lay behind those eyes that rarely open?
To be introduced in Arc 2...
I asked Tokiya of DeviantArt to do a drawing of one of the other outsiders in gameworld... This is Mana, she was the third Outsider to enter the game and I think the caption says the rest...
To be introduced in Arc 4, Kagura has a connection to Rando, one that may change future events in the series.
The Box-art for the game Final Fantasy Eternity that acts as the catalyst for the Outsiders coming to the Gameworld.
The concept art for the Summon Ramuh, who is responsible for dragging Rando into the Gameworld.
The first artwork for the major villain of the first Saga, Ganma. Like Rando he also wields a keyblade for the first saga.
With this artwork the artist designed the second/main outfit of Rando as well as his keyblade that would serve as the main weapon for the majority of the first saga.
This was the first art ever done for Gameworld.
Sorry if the page is a little big today... I'm using a friends computer today... I might resize it later...
The idea for these last few panels came from a friend of mine...
Yes but things happened differently in the universe of Gameworld than in the games... as you'll learn in upcoming pages...
Sorry about that... I forgot to check the size before I uploaded it...

So until I resize it, here's a script of sorts.

Panel 1
Narrator Box: 30 Minutes Later
Rando: Jerks!

Panel 3
Rando: They could have at least told me where the town was!
Cactaur: ?

Panel 4
Rando: Still I wonder...

Panel 5
Rando: ...When did Cloud put his phone in my pocket?

Panel 6
SFX: Chocobo Theme

Panel 7
Rando (Thought: Crap! What do I do? Do I answer the phone or...

Panel 8
Phone Text: Aerith

Panel 10
Rando: I guess I should answer...

Panel 11
Rando: Umm... Yello?
Aerith's Voice: Cloud?
Rando: Umm... no.
Rando Serian
December 14th, 2006
Yes, that's what a Doujin is... As long as I make no money from it I can use them...
Rando Serian
November 12th, 2006
Whenever Tim finishes a page...
Rando Serian
November 5th, 2006
I'll have to tell Tim you said that...