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Noa Qep
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@Zoruaeon: Probably shooting for once a week, but 5 years is close enough. (•ω•)
@Zoruaeon: I actually did for a few months! Lot of life happened, haha.
@Pinkeevee222: //poses
we rise again to take back our place over all eeveedom
About time.
So. Been a while, huh?
That's what you get for not paying attention.
Ahh, Elixir, what a paranoid little Eevee you are~
@Cherry26: Yep. c:
Hey, don't hate on flowers, mang.
Oh, Eric, how awkward you are around women. XD
I've always wondered this about the night sky. If those who passed on were made into stars, wouldn't there be a lot of rotting dead bodies in the sky? /childhood logic

Yes, I know what they mean, but this is child logic here, ppl. No, I don't want to hear how you knew better as a child. So nyeh gtfo.
This is why you don't play with explosive things.
Sequel to "I Believe I Can Fly".

I had forgotten how shading these things is heck. OTL
Pooor, poor Elixir. Whilst thou ever learneth?

@theodeath: I know, right? Thankies. I'm doing my best to get some done. XD
@GrovyleGoodbye125: thankies~! Yah, finally got around to making another. And that he does. He's like the Wright brothers of the Pokemon world. XD
@Cherry26: Indeed~ |D
YES, IT IS TRUE. I have gotten off my lazy bum and updated this webcomic, after working on a comic book all summer and beginning of autumn.

Elixir does stuff like this all the time. His family is used to it. Eric, Erin, and Evin are just grateful they didn't get roped into it this time. XD

@Gigi19972010: You have no idea how much. XD
@Cherry26: w00t~! \o/
@GrovyleGoodbye125: Whenever I can, mang.
I LOVE YOU AGAIN!!! When I stab you for abandoning this comic again, I'll do it with much love~
...Is that Tepig a girl?

And I lurv Tepig. D: Mine's a dude, and I named him Bob. :3
ASDF WUT. Game Freak, how dare you pull a trick like that. >:x
Cheren's eyes be pretty. @w@
Yeah. He's back.
Remember back in The Eevees 18: Staredown? Where Elixir used Secret Power, and I said it was a trait they got from their dad? Yeah. That was foreshadowing.

Dads are actually more-likely to turn to violence when the safety of their kids is in danger. Gotta love 'em. xD

That pesky kid is back! Luckily, his vile plans were foiled by Uriel. Evin should really learn how to protect himself sometime...

@ThiefTichy: inorite? XD And nope, 'tis Evin. Evin's the only normal Eevee (as in without any accessories). Eric has an orange bandana now.

@Koren: Nope. According to SmackJeeves, 'twas 18: Staredown. Well...19, including the Title Page. ^^
It'd be funny if that Metapod then evolved into a Butterfree and totally pwned the Bugcatcher.

Oh, well. I can dream...
I honestly thought he was just gonna pee. Even though that's more something Tommy would do.
Ooo! Ooo! I wanna name the puppy! I mean...guy!
Name him Alabaster! 8D
Scambled? Sunny-side up? Who wants 'em with bacon?
This joke has been done soo many times before, I just couldn't help but incorporate it into "The Eevees" universe.

Eric again proves to us how ignorance isn't always bliss.

Despite his Naughty nature, he actually aspires to become a Pokechef one day. Never would've guessed it, would you?

I know my Togepi looks lopsided. I actually had to switch out pens, since my old gel pen went out on me on this one. Then I had to go back over the lines and get used to the new pen. Thus, the lines look...blarg. And the egg shape is actually my worst shape to get right, so meh. Expect not to see another Togepi again after this...

Don't worry, Uncle Farron stopped it just in time. Eric was visiting his favorite uncle, and this had to happen. And despite what some of you may think, no, I did not get the name "Farron" from Lightning and Serah Farron from Final Fantasy XIII. I actually named my male Flareon that a looong time ago, so it's not something new with me.

I should stop rambling now...back to work...
At least I got a new pen.

@guest that is not a guest: Yep, y'spelled it right. Good show, ol' bean! (p.-)