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Haha, what can I say?

I like to draw and read.

Notoriously loud and opinionated ;D

I love A Very Potter Musical :DD <3
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@ninjakitties is a : The building is very nice. Neat lines, good composition in proportion, well done!
I think Eric's hair is a bit inconsistent sometimes over the comics and Kai's arm seem kind of long(?) in the second last panel. I love Eric's expression in the last panel though. Makes me lols. Poor Kai looks so defeated though. Eric, you're so mean with your unsympathetic faces >:\
Okay, so they're like, reinforced?
Oh yeah! Wow, that'd be tricky business.
Teee~ That's so cute .u.
Except the nails aren't really my style. Does he have to do much in the way of maintenance?
@Jester: YAY SOME LOVE! Initiative is good, but it's sad that it takes comments on the extreme situation to inspire them D:
We must all bring back the love :D
@chestnutlollipop: You did know there is another page after this one, right?
Poor WCA *pout*
(Okay :3)
I can't see them :C
(No one loves WCA anymore :C and my Mail ate 5 new emails were they from you?)
No screen tones in panel 5 :OO
@ninjakitties is a : Oooooh, okay. The little man is a derp.
Oh, and what's with all the Greek Mythology references *head tilt*
I love the little man on the 'Have you recharged you bus card?' sign :'D
December 16th, 2011
Happy Hades=Adorable Hades
As long as you don't faceplant because you don't have pages for twice a week and don't troll on about how much you rushed a page, or how you're behind or something, sure!
Next post?
Who has it?
That'd be funny, yes :3
November 30th, 2011
Zeus seems to manage alright.