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Yup... any minute now...
Well done!
When a character finds that kind of proof they'd almost always end up saying something cliche, like 'IFO', 'they do exist after all!' or even a play on 'the truth is out there'.

While writing my story (which is still in the works BTW) I developed an eye for originality, and I'm impressed so far.

And I'm quoting you on that latin phrase!
All the more reason to read it!
You're now my favourite webcartoonist!
This is awesome. I'm now a regular reader of all 3 of your works (That is, the 3 that I know of), and have enjoyed everything about them.
I'm currently thinking of reading through 'Electric Orange' if I have time.
I'm gonna hate myself for pointing this out but...
"'s good that ['you're'] back."

aheheh... ^^;
More like:
"Woah..." - Keanu Reeves

Anyways, glad you've kindly obliged to our pleas, you are so beyond amazing people now have you as a reference for the term 'impossibly awesome'.
Wow I just noticed that there were two updates before this one! The one time I don't check this page and it updates...

It's finally back... Awesome, just awesome.
November 21st, 2010
Is it just me or does the term 'binged it' is likely to be read as something related to drinking?
November 13th, 2010
I second relapse, I dunno what that rhyme is but I approve.

Relapse you get the chair and rope while Arcanus and I pin him down.
Yes, an update!
So far so good, I'm still in suspense about what's so 'off' about the place/residents.
November 10th, 2010
Me three.
October 26th, 2010
*Hangs on 'probably' *
Although she's no SBK, Penny is still a great character worthy of a comic of her own.

So I'd say good idea, especially if her (mis)adventures carry on from the general theme of SBK.
October 23rd, 2010
I honestly thought it was back...

Why do you hurt us? *sniff*...

But seriously, what does it take to get you to resurrect this?
If only we can get Will Hamill (Mark's Brother) to voice 'The Rat'
Alias: The Nocturnal Knight.
Arch Nemesis: The Rat. (A bum shoplifter with a cheese fixation)
Sidekick: Bat boy (patent pending).
Base: The Owl Tree. (a hollowed out tree in the park.)
Transportation: The Owl Jet. (a small hang glider with an owl painting on the back)
I wouldn't have gotten it in a 'billion' years but I gotta say... really nice axe.
He'd break the pedal...

(After writing this I'm thinking is this what happened in the Votey? I missed this one.)
Atleast he didn't make a balloon figure of his girlfriend cheating on him.
I decided to create a smack Jeeves account just to tell you how amazing this comic has become to me. It started out very good and currently it passed the awesome barrier.

And I'm REALLY REALLY thankful you decided to include all the voteys for the old comics, I was thinking about contacting you to ask about them but felt that I might sound rude.

This particular comic had me laughing silly. I didn't even need to read the bottom line before I burst out laughing.