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That interviewer is making such stereotypical presumptions of Christo.

Also, that interviewer looks a lot like... ;)
Sam's got it spot on doesn't he?
Unless Patrick's a real grower, based on the last comic, Manny is very generous calling him "big guy."

But looks like Patrick's night wasn't a total loss. Hope we see Manny at least once more. Seems much more civil than the last dude Patrick was putting his weiner in.
@Snips The "Tax" poster is "It's Important: Pay Tax" poster. Us Canucks love our taxes, because posters tell us we do.

Wow, it just clicked for me today that this comic is really a coming-of-age story, and I'm starting to feel how rounded out the characters have become. Of course, these guys also seem plenty genuine, I'd like to finish a bottle of whiskey with any of these lugheads.
Yes, but when us Canucks are taking a cab home after a night of heavy drinking, we know if we're handing the cabbie a $20 or a $100 just by colour. Colour with a u.
At first I thought he was having to wash 'em all by hand, then I saw the magic industrial dishwasher. Aww, I love those things.

Being the dishpig is a pretty mundane but easy-as-hell job. Just zone out and let your mind wander.
Well this looks like a new development is it not? Cute! Hope we see more from these two soon. Before the end.
Next strip: Wiley and Mulligan wake up in bed together naked.
Poor guy just needs a new dick in his bum.

Mr. Twist: That might alienate and confuse all the non-Canadian readers. I believe it's a Canadianism.

Also, here are the things that would be hilarious if Patrick did:
1. Took out life insurance
2. Did a bukkake video
3. Married Ben Mulroney
4. Ran away with his foreign boy-toy
5. Got a hair weave
Unfortunately, we all know it's far worse than those... Well, except maybe #3.
It's Patrick. He took out life insurance.
Thanks for the Canada Day shoutout, Mr. Twist. These PoY boys really have no issue getting their kit off do they?
Let's be fair. If a fight goes down, they're in what looks like an upper-middle-class residential neighbourhood. Local nosy neighbour will be on the phone with the police within the first minute; typical response time is about four minutes for this call. And neighbours will all be out shouting and gawking in advance, more than a few of them taking photos with their BlackBerrys nowadays.
Gibson Twist's big announcement possibilities:

"I am a pony!"
"I am a unicorn!"
"I am Michelle Obama!"
"Patrick/Mel's parents really don't care about Patrick being gay because their dad used to be a lady!"

I can't imagine anything outside of one of those four it could be.
Just watch his face. That's what makes is freaky. He does it without without even a sign of concern.
Panel 4 (Wiley): Really worried about the kid walking away on his own there. Really, really worried.

I hate that I feel so invested in this comic's well-developed characters.
Patrick's "gettin' head" smile in Panel 5 ≈ That disappointed grimace Charlie Brown sometimes gets. Weird parallel.
Oh fuck.
See Patrick. See Patrick eating crow. Eat, Patrick, eat. Eat lots.

See Patrick's friends probably take the high road and not significantly rub it in his face.
Even the street and city looks bleak in this one. Nice mood setting.
OMG, yup, those were his cymbals. it all makes sense now.

Three cheers for my ability to distinguish cymbals from t-shirts!