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i like making comics and reading comics
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thanks man!
I started using gradients on most of the panels
and i must say, I'm really pleased with how
it turned out. especially the last panel.
You just gave me a cool idea!
oh haha i just found it on google images
I'm back and i have a cover for the first chapter
now to start the next chapter
Hello people,

I have an important anouncemant.

as you can see chapter 1 has come to an end
but i will not be able to start chapter 2 for
a few weeks beacuse i will be gone for a while
just letting you know.
thanks for the idea ill do that
No i don't think i'm doing cameos,

I don't know how
but somehow i managed to make any even more badass
page then the last one.

This page was really fun to make :)
Man I am so happy with how this comic turned out :)
can more than one person have the same starter?
hey guy who made this comic how do you allow other co-authers to make comics for your comic
Ya Canada
Canada is the best