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Thank Chu!
@BadBanana: I like your writing :) anyway thanks for clearing it up. I thought we were in a flash back but I wasn't quite sure :)

You are a good writer,
@lysambre: Im having the same problem, you are not alone :P
Samson looks so fed up :P
also Tommy's face in panel four!!!

Its ok Tommy, right now I need lots of sunscreen to! its too hot! :P
haha I don't know why but Tommy's expression on the last panel, had me laughing.
No not the tears we cannot resist the tears!
Samson doesn't seem very happy to see 'cousin' Malachi. :) I agree with Dake less talky more walky!
omg i love Charlies mom!!!
Phahahaha i killing myself laughing!

i remember when my brother bought his first girlfriend home, my mother kept making the most filthy innuendos they were both blushing so much.
aww poor dragon.
Please say the next page is going to be entitled Mushroom. if only for my amusement if nothing else :P

Badgers are really evil. not cute at all >.<
They should have interruptions when Fenris and Anders are bitching at each other so i can tell them to shut the hell up. You should also be allowed to slap Anders.

You should also be able to make sarcastic comments to the companions stupid ones.

This is the most needed interruption though.

I sided with the Templars on two playthroughs and mages on the third. Merridith is a dick, but orsino knew about the guy who killed your mother. Im glad you get to kill both of them.
hehe i like this, tis interesting. Question: Where is his tattoo, I though all Dalish had them?
worst.censor.ever! :P
Mrs Goat is pwetty
You Americans just drive on the wrong side of the road! :P Roundabouts would also help
Assuming its a child a year I'd say 15-16.
happy birthday to the comic,

You deserve lots more fans, This comic deserves more fans, out of all the comics i have in my favorites you are the only one who will reply to the comments.

so yay!
aww poor Kid -snickers-
Although i personally think Grimm needs to join this bunny costume.
Stupid Anders
Anders does this to me all the time! its bloody annoying, which is why i play as a mage most of the time, or i take over his character.
-sigh- Anders in a whiny emo git, like Fenris. I much prefered Anders in Awakenings, at least his wasn't completely emo.
my only thought is "Ah Shit"

Hehe my Uncle sister in law is devote Christian, and turned to my Uncle,whilst in my Uncles house and told him being gay is an "Abomonation against God and he was going to burn in hell"

I hate homophobes.They disgust me.
I am also chewing my nails waiting for the next page!!!!
@BadBanana:They Started It :P
my character is in a relationship with Fenris(its his voice damn it!) and i killed myself laughing when he threatens Zevran. I do love that term "Cockblocking" I shall have to use it more.
When i played as a rogue i ran about like an idiot until he charged then stunned him and used assassinate

Run about until he charged froze him then unleashed a holy hell chain of attacks

Just kept hitting him with the oversized pointy stick that was my sword.(Hawke clearly compensating with the sword)
All I can think is Awww poor Charlie and Sam needs a mirror above the stove so he can see what Charlie is signing.