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I'm that guy. You know, the one with the face. Yeah, that guy. Yup, that's me :D No wait, not him. The one behind him. The one with clothes on. The one on the right, no not your right. JK I was the first guy. Or am I? :]
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I finally caught up. Ooh, the feels :)
Is that Ash in his Sinnoh League outfit?
Pokemon: Ground Zero
Welcome to Earth-1510. In this alternate universe, Pokemon are far extinct but in the distant future, scientists have discovered a way to splice Human DNA with Pokemon DNA. These "Pokemon Trainers" gain the abilities and powers of the Pokemon genes they're fused with. Although this comic contains references, homages, and is modeled after the original/canon/primary, Pokemon Universe, this comic is it's own separate continuity. It has its own take and interpretation to the iconic figures of the official Pokemon Universe (Earth Prime). It is an adaption and unique approach to the entire Pokemon Universe (Mainly Generation I, II, III, & IV. Some of Generation V)

Cameos? XD
Was that Lucas (Male Protagonist of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum) in Panel 5 and Hilda (Female Protagonist of Pokemon Black/White) in Panel 6? :D
This Red trainer has a different outfit than the one from
The Waistband Warrior
Society has fallen into rules of only code and conduct. Imagination and individuality are all but dead. A hero must rise to save the day. The world needs... Captain Underpants! :D

Based on the novels by Dav Pilkey

Charlie's not the main character???? :O
Im guessing those discs r TMs & HMs?
YAY! Charlie's back :D
Maybe... Maybe nawt :3
Love is in the air
For the present, I wanted to really make it pop out & surprise the audience. The Pink Goddess doesnt know her own strength and doesnt know right from wrong. Her gift had to be affectionate, have good intentions, but be creepy at the same time. So the human heart was the perfect choice :) Comments Welcome :D
Ah yes, I'm also a fan of the rarecandy treatment. :D But that's not what's going to happen. One, Present is a generation 2 move. This comic deals with generation I. And two, only delibird can learn that move by leveling up.
The Presence of Presents
Sorry this update took a while. I had to do my summer reading assignment. I didn't like any of the options so I chose to read, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." It was such a good book! :) Anyways, I wonder wats in the box... Comments Welcome :D
She kinda reminds me of Ratteus :)
well actually i envisioned red to be 15
Long Dayy
I wonder who's at the window. Comments Welcome :D
in that dream panel, he looks like a green lantern XD
well he didn't rele pay attention to where he was going. he just knew he had to get away from her
Btw, Red ran to a cemetery. Just in case that wasn't clear. Comments Welcome :D