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i have made many mistakes

this account is probably one of them
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@Crash guy: that pun CRASHED and burned
@Fusion Kirby: Prez may have an old Sonic character, but the only character I have is a Luma from Mario Galaxy. Will that be a problem? I'm not much of a Sonic fan, sorry. ^_^'
@Fusion Kirby: Prez and I are big fans of FNAF. Got room for two more?
@GabrielsThoughts: Screw it. All I came here to do in the first place was make a small joke. At this point, it's like talking to an ignorant, hypocritical, stubborn wall. I am so tempted to correct your points, but they're either irrelevant (that library analogy really went over your head, didn't it?) or not worth wasting my time with because I know from experience you think you've got to have the last word, no matter how pretentious and incorrect. I won't be coerced into arguments again like I was before. I learn from my mistakes, unlike you. I would bet 100, heck, even a million, dollars that you're STILL going to reply to this comment and I'd double that bet that'd you'd reply with a TL;DR equivalent of either "I must be too intelligent for you imbeciles" or "You're still wrong even though you essentially gave up anyway."

Screw this. Ultimate and Lug, he's you're problem now. Deal with him how you wish. I'll read this comic on my phone, without comments.

Although, I will point out that that calling someone a "jackass" is pretty immature no matter what perspective you look at, especially in a debate or argument. You could've pit a bit of wit into your insults. Oh, wait, YOU can't. Sorry for being so insensitive.

Adios, todos.
@GabrielsThoughts: Okay, firstly, your Starbucks comparison is highly unrealistic. I find Ulti's analogy to be much better formed; his has a point, meanwhile, yours is just restating a scenario we already knew about from a whiny perspective in the form of an analogy that has no logic.

Secondly, how on Earth is this helping Lug? He has no involvement except being the creator of the comic you're spamming arguments in the comments section of. I don't know if he even reads these anymore, as he seems more focused on his new YouTube channel than these old fancomics, but if he does, he's not going to learn anything from an argument irrelevant to him.

Thirdly, you dragged me into this. Although Ulti has made an extremely accurate analogy, I find it more like if two people started an argument or fight in a library. The others in that library may or may not care about the result of the fight, but there are many who just want to enjoy the book they are reading, but are interrupted by an argument that one stubborn half of the argument refused to take outside the neutral library. There's a difference between that and arguing in a place specifically tailored for open debate. There's a time and, more specifically, there is a place to do this kind of thing. And it's not here.

@Ultimate Yoshi: Don't worry, I'm not as angry at you. You may have started the argument (you could have explained your reasons somewhere else) but I'm not as upset with the argument itself, just that Gabe refuses to move this somewhere better suited. Not to mention, your mistake was accidental due to lack of thought at the time. He, however, is intentially just being stubborn and rude.

and people wonder why i don't bother commenting here anymore
@GabrielsThoughts: Listen, I don't care. All I know is that you dragged an almost entirely irrelevant argument onto this comic's comments section. Yes, it is also partially Ultimate's fault as well, but while he may have stopped, as he hasn't replied to you yet, you just continued whining about an argument that only YOU TWO cared about. Matters of policy may be public and explicit, but WHY IS IT ON A WEBCOMIC ABOUT TECHNICOLOR PONIES? THAT NEITHER OF YOU OWN, NO LESS? Either move to PMs or Ulti's review comic, or shut it.
@GabrielsThoughts: what are you even talking about

all I did was make a joke about how you thought I had left when really I just didn't feel like commenting this whole time

how on earth is that calling you immature

I find it more immature that you're fussing about immaturity to a guy who doesn't know or care about your little issues with ultimate yosh or whatever

do us a favor and get over it

or at the very least take it out of the comments of a completely unrelated comic and leave me and Jarkes out of it

that's what PMs are for dude
@GabrielsThoughts: Maybe you haven't seen me because you don't know where to look
@Fusion Kirby: I joked that you'd be Slade. :P
@Fiora Aroura: These are not the droids you're looking for...
@GabrielsThoughts: *Michael Jackson dance moves*
This video reminds me too much of our group here.

I would be the guy from the first verse.

@Bruce the Hedgehound: COME JOIN US BRUUUUUCE >:C
@Fiora Aroura: because i haven't touchd it in ages

seriously, only kurona talks to me on that

but I accepted it now :3
@Fiora Aroura: Prez and I have had it for ages, Fiora.
@Bruce the Hedgehound: i have too many miis

how the heck am i going to make up my mind on which ones i'm going to make fighters of
@Bruce the Hedgehound: I'm gonna want to make so many Miiiiiis...

Ever thought you'd see the Demoman or The Doctor in Smash Bros?

The possibilities are endless, really.
@Bruce the Hedgehound: imma destroy u wit rosalina

once i get the game anyway
@Lugbzurg: I find script-writing to be the hardest part, but to be fair, what I'm reviewing is already there. No levels to play, no content to unlock, just gotta watch an entire cartoon. Long, but not difficult, specially when it comes to recording the footage, because I just have to find footage of the show. Of course, it can be difficult to do that sometimes too.