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I'm really into retro gaming, mainly things that have to do with the SNK Neo-Geo.
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Yep. Nice job, now you get 1 internet. Use it wisely!
Yeah we're back.
Sorry guys; I know 3 months is a long time to hold out for a webcomic that claims be updated soon ( but for those who stuck around, I hope this was worth the wait. I had to go on the old computer to make this so I'm still looking for my Photoshop disc; in other words, don't expect another update too fast. One more thing: supernerds, can you find the major videogame-related flaw in this comic?
Another Cab
I wish I could afford one of these.
So Long
And thanks for all the fish.

Lawl April Fools.
Do you see that number?
Space, the final freakin' frontier. Oh and 49? Cool.
This is not a title.
O hai internet joke that I haven't used yet.
Silhouette the Hedgehog
"Son of a dick!" is a direct quote from the game. Look Bulletstorm up, if you like GOW or Unreal Tournament you'll enjoy it.
Here comes the BOOM
Bulletstorm is awesome. Seriously. Buy it.
I hope you like the new art direction!! I'd say April Fools if it was April 1st.
@Striffen Cloud
Good job! Yes it is!
Now go watch Collegehumor's video about Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.
Anyone here who's played Dandy please raise your hand. If you haven't break out your mod chips and your Swap Magics and try it out! You'll probably get the joke if you do. It's a shame it wasn't released in the U.S.
I hate coming up with comments for these. Also the joke at the bottom is from the movie Blank Check. That is all.
Trust me, you'll sound like that too when you play Super Meat Boy. Great game though.
I actually made this last night, and posted it when it's still Christmas so it really isn't late at all.
Hello boys!
Now I can get back to inside jokes.
It's referencing a reference!
I almost forgot...
Credit to JDavis for ripping the BTTF2 DeLorean from Super Back to the Future 2.