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omfg i love this comic i read this as one of my first comixxx that wasnt yaoi 8D u rock my sox hard core :P
woohooo update update!!!!!!!
i love u so much! im so glad your back and sorry that u didnt graduate =(((( + first comment yay!
i wanna get a plushie!!! where do u sell them?
ps i dont care what my parents say anymore! im getting a t shirt and plushies! i love em soooo much =]
wow thats so flippin cool!!!!!!!! i wish i could draw like that :D
o! and i made a new comic that u can see!!! i like the cover but i need to fix it
o the anticipation!!!!!! i wanna know who that drop dead gorgeous guy is!
i wanna send u a drawing!!!!!!!!!
April 21st, 2007
soundssss good fav*
lol happy birthday skye!! ;)
i <3 all of your comics devdasi! one day soon would u come check out my pics so that i can get your oppinion and start my comic? plz?
December 7th, 2006
im....crying really *sniffs* i wanna be travis'es friend ;__;
awah! thank u ive been waiting for that!
yyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy yur back im so giddy!
sad that yur leavingbut i still hope u hsve fun!!
hahahahahaha i wish my grandma was like that!!!!! + the seducing part is weird but funny!
nooooooooooo! *starts to cry* i feel empty....have fun though!!!!:)
November 10th, 2006
im so happy u came back!!!! this comic rocks!:)