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I'm a Swedish girl that's obsessed with Japanese things, hehe. I'm an anime/manga loving girl. So my top hobby is to gather all kinds of anime things there is. That is pretty much who I am.

I'm pretty random too ^.^;
And very self critic about my drawings, but I draw to learn, uh kinda XD
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Late Late ^.^'
I'm being late with this again...haha ^.^'
Anyway enjoy this page and I'll try to get the next one up as soon as I can.
Had spare time
Hello everyone! Surprised by this fast update huh? Well I had some time so I decided to work full heartly on this update. So here you go guys! The newest page, enjoy it! ^w^
Late again ^.^'
Hi again, I'm really sorry for being late with updating this comic. I love that I have this many fans that I have. I'm not forgetting this story. I just have a busy private life at the moment. I update as fast and soon as I can.
Hello everyone, next page is finally up. Sorry for making you wait this long. And sadly you might have to wait for the next one as well. Since it's the end of the semester and exams and final presentations are on their way, so I have to prepare for them. But after that I should be able to get somewhat more regular uploadings for this. Again thank you all for your patients! I really love all of you fans!
Music Notes! XD
Hello, hello hello

Once again a new page. Starting to get somewhat regular ^.^'
What can I say, life is busy when you study and you like to do so many other things as well. Anyway, here is page five and the pokemon center in viridian.

Not much more to say about this page, so yeah Enjoy!
@Christo556: Like the letters K and N and just put them together ^.^'
I actually don't know how to spell out pronunciations, being Swedish and all. Hope you get what I mean ^.^'
Viridian city
Hi all, heres another page and it seems that they finally reached Viridian city. Now she can heal up her pokemon yay XD

So yes, they reached the city. Not much more to say ^.^'
So enjoy this page!
Hello everybody! I managed to finish this earlier than I thought. I thank you all for all your patient. With me studying and such. Finding time to do all the things I wanna do is hard. But here is the next page. And yes! We finally know the name of the main character!

Enjoy this page everyone! I'll try to get the next page up as soon as possible! I love you all for your patient with me!
@Christo556; This is actually how I am XD I never, and I mean never, notice the most obvious of things. So I simply didn't notice the sign XD
February 24th, 2012
Lazy page is Lazy
Hello everyone! Sorry for late update. Life being busy and I have to spend most of the times to study. So this is a simple page. However I've worked on the next page on the side of this one. So hopefully I might be able to update a lot sooner than this.

So until then, please enjoy this page! Chibi's are fun too! XD

And thank you all fans still sticking with me! Love you all for that!!
New face!
Hello everyone! I'm here again with the new page. Trying to get these up more regular again. Anyway, start of a new chapter and she have finally found her way out of the forest. Yaay!

And what's this? A new face? Yes indeed! There will be other people appearing in this than just her XD haha

Enjoy this!
Cover page
Here is the cover (A very simple one) for chapter 2! Enjoy it! ^w^
Chapter 1 - Done
And here ends the first chapter of Itte miyou. So next that comes is going to be the cover for Chapter 2. Hope you all are looking forward to it as me ^^
And I will try to upload more regular, if time allows me too hahaha...
Late again...
Hello, everyone. I know I'm late with this again, but I've started school again and it takes up alot more time than I imagined. And I've been through some family crisis and such. My parents decided to split I didn't feel like drawing for a while because of that. And once again, I couldn't figure out the page. So yeah, alot of things happened. So you can expect that there will be some irregular updates from now on. But I will try to update as fast as I can!

Thank you so much for you patients!!!
@Christo556 Thank you ^^ I'll try to stay away from it now.

@reidcl999 Technically I never left. I were fighting with an very long artblock ^.^' I had really problem with this page layout.

@locoroco1 Your comment went straight to my heart! I'm so glad I've been missed! >w<

@mastokid Like locoroco1 said, it's a huge poisonous rat with a horn. And why would she make something that's alright mad even more mad? ^.^'

And you're right, haha, I had spelled Johto wrong. Silly me, but thank you for telling me! ^w^
4 months artblock ^.^'
Hello, everyone! I'm back, after 4 months of artblock. Seriously this page have been a pain for me. It seriously took this long to figure out how to make this page work. I never intended to be away this long.

And from now on the pages will come and goes. I will soon start studying. So I might have not have all that much time to draw and plan as I used to. But I will keep updating this.

Well enjoy this page! ^w^
I kinda have no excuse for this page being so late. I've just been lazy sadly ^.^;
Haha...Yeah, I've started playing this new game, and when I'm really into a game, I just continue to play it and ignore everything else. And then they released a new class in the Online RPG I'm playing, so I just had to try that one out too....and then I've been helping around at home. So yea....I've been lazy with drawing lately.

Also I thank you for the comments and the tip ^^ I will be sure to work on that when drawing the legs.
I've also been thinking about weather or not I should try livestreaming things I draw from time to time. Looks like it fun....

I know Nidorino is looking stiff...I just don't know how else to draw him.

Anyway, enjoy this page!
So sooorry!!!
Hehe....two months huh? I'm really sorry! But well, first it was another I hate what I draw phase, then there were studies and such. Or that I didn't have time for it. And after all that, I'm sure you've heard, was that BIG earthquake in Japan. Yes, I was in Japan at that time. I was at school and it was a 5 in Tokyo and by my school. I tell you that was hell. But do not worry, I was not harmed, though poor all those people in Sendai.

Anyway, I fled Japan and is back in Sweden since 2 weeks back now. So I've been calming down and such. But I will sadly not return to continue my studies there. So I shall try and focus on study in Sweden and continue with this comic!

So yes, Go eevee! Though I did not like making the effects for Quick attack XD It looks awesome, but is a hell to work with Haha.
Oh yeah, you might have noticed, I've made the page smaller. I though it was slightly to big as the previous size
Anyway, Enjoy this after such long wait!
Once again I am sorry to keep you waiting for 2 months!!!
Eye change, again XD
Well here we go again, another page and I changed the style of my eyes once again! Haha XD But that's me I like making of style once and then the next time I hate it. But I promise you that this is the last time I change the eyes XD I like this ones and now I'm meaning it! XD

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this page and I'm closing in on +20 fan which means I wanna make a thank you picture, because I want to do it, but I have no idea. Please give suggestions! ^w^

Edit: Haha! I forgot those stupid tones I use for the clothes! >.<
Fixed now. This is how it goes when I'm to eager to update
Haha, didn't think of that XD
Alright look at the eye I draw on this page and compare how I colored it on this one;
There's a little difference huh? And I like this new colouring better ^w^