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Amateur 3d modeler and comic colorist for Old Wizard.. and any other bat shit insane comic Rollkran comes up with.
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I know Laz managed to hide a penis in each SBK comic page, but I'm hard pressed to find it in this one.
We aren't gonna abandon this place right? I like the people here more than you, actually.
Pink mouths. Wow.
Rollkran tells me he's forgotten a critical element to the page and will be updating it shortly. Stay tuned!
We are finalists
Thank you to all that voted and supported us on The Fabler webcomic contest. We have just been informed we are finalists and will be told of the final judging in a couple days.
Guess someone else bought a pair of those goggles, too.
Huh, not a single comment on this page Rollkran. I spent like 3 hours making that castle panel kick ass.. and not a single person said a single word.
Thank you
Thanks to everyone that has voted for us on the fabler site. We have moved to 5th place quickly and hope to catch up to second or first soon. If you haven't voted for us, and would like us to be happy campers, please click on the BIG RED BUTTON above the comic page :)
I'm still not happy with the coloring. Sometimes I seem spot on, and others I'm struggling.

Hopefully, things will get even better as time goes on.
If you'd ever been with a woman, Roll, you'd know that hoola hoops are not sex toys.
August 10th, 2010
Laz says it takes him an hour to draw a page. At the quickest, I can color one in 3 hours (though i'd rather take longer).

I'd say 2 pages a day tops, Sundays off would work.

And, I think a zillion is enough for me. Give Laz the billion.
August 7th, 2010
August 6th, 2010
Smurfs.. didnt see that one coming, eh Laz?
August 2nd, 2010
another example
Laz is quite capable of more realistic art styles. Here are some examples of a entry he made.


The comic has a style to it. Its not something people are used to these days, I think, as too many artist focus on realism and airbrushing.