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I'm John. I love movies, music and exploring. Wanna know more, ask me!
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    John R
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he's bangin' seven gram rocks :D
same promarkers as usual
i did! :D
oooh cheers! i must do that! :D
you'll understand :D
watch trainspotting :)
have you seen trainspotting?
would that make it stronger? :P
I know!!! the lack of diagonals is what makes it so feckin hard!
it just had to be done! :D
Man I love these! They're really good. I'm currently replaying OOT so it's doubly good! :D
thats a good idea. i'm not as familiar with how smackjeeves runs lol. i promote it through facebook too. i must check out that self promotion forum.
Thanks a milllion! Glad you enjoy them! Plenty more on the way! I must check your comics out!
John, ironically, bought a wii and is quite enjoying super smash bros brawl!