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Hello kitties, <3 My name is Missy.
I like to draw and stuff and love to make people laugh. I hope to meet some cool person's on here. <3

No webpage at the moment :: OTL

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    Missy Alice Murder
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ahahah YAY! oh okay now ur just messing with me! thats MY MOMS lemonade song! AHAAH
omigawd she is adorable D:
FFF awkward sleeping postion is cute
I found my password!
I was to lazy to refind my password,but i kept coming back just to readyour comic cuz it makes me LAWL! Okay is his mom hispanic? cause my mom talks jsut like that derp a herp C;
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahah i love it

i said what what in te butt
ahaha hes tottly rapping the crap outta those cookies.
ahaha watch it be his office <3
her claws are showing...
it still looks fabu
ahah justin poster FFF
oh dude, hes hard core gangsta ahaha
omg... id be the student who murdered that teacher...
lol he's just so cute <3
wait wut? whod she shoot o-o
derp derp yourwelcome :)
ahaha hes eating the forbidden cookies anyways
i love your characters expressions
can wait for more uploads :'D
@ Slowaction
ARG! Thanks so much! It means alot to hear that <3 I WILL SOON 8D