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Ophelia the Odd
Hello snarklings. I'm Ophelia the Odd. At least that is what you will call me. It's my alias because for certain reason I've decided it best to use one. I am an artist and an author. I write romance Novels and have decided to get into some comics too. Being such a big fan it seemed like a good idea to help me relax...and escape from the empending depression cloud from my deadline. I am also studying my brains out for the GED so please support and well wishes NEEDED! I'm so god forsaken nervous it's not funny. I'm a Fujioshi and Otaku, I know it's sad. (Fujioshi=Dirty Girl{Girl who likes Yaoi and Yuri} Otaku=Weird person, or in modern anime slang, obsessed fan girl/guy.) So send me your comics and manga I'd love to read them.
Well that's all my ScareBabies.
Snarkles and Gurlings to you all,
your dark desire
Ophelia the Odd.
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Chibi Hearts!
This just keeps getting better and better. I love this comic so freaking much! The art work is great and I love the storyline. WEll done Angel.
No, it's just poisonous.
Your style is really cool! I love the way they're drawn. My artist ego is a little jealous but I love it non-theless.
I'm going to have my mom buy one as my birthday present.
Haha, she'll look at me like I'm nuts, but that's what I'm going to ask her for.
ScareBabies is an expression. It's what I call people. As well as Snarklings or darklings. It kinda like saying sweet little scares. or Dudes.
Yeah I fixed that I'm terribly sorry I didn't get that up right away. *bows*
GAh! *cries*
Fogive me for putting up such a low quality page. It was a simple and easy way to draw it. I wanted to get Gi at least in here. Sorry ScareBabies I promise the rest will be much better then this.
I decided to do this one on the computer though most of it will be drawn and probably not colored in. Though I might give some Keeewtie art now and then.
your darkest desire
Ophelia the Odd
*bows and pouts* Sorry sorry totally forgot about that.
Name: Gi Wiilowsferran
Age: 17
Species: Human
Orientation:Oblivious *snicker*
Hair: red
Eyes: purple
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 122lbs
Personality:Hyper, chicken, easily distracted, easily scared, cry baby-ish but a sweet heart who will "try" to stand up to people.
Extra: He really is a guy I swear
In love with this comic from start to onward. I love it all! This is so great and her dad seems like there's a story behind him. I hope Jack finds her but yet I want Louis to so she'll kick his butt!
In love with this comic. And yes it is much easier not to color in the pages. Good luck for college and I concure that icon is Rawk!
Suspense! I love it sooo much. Gah I just can't wait to see Reily totally loose it...honestly I hope she does and totally kills louis..or at least scares the crap outta him
Haha that would be funny. I approve of the change as long as you the creator is happy with it. I think it will deffinately bring things in a new direction.
I concure
ScreechTheMighty I agree completely. Who the hell was the mother?!
Also Louis got Pwned!
I concur
This is so cute I definately agre with BlackFire_chan. Animal cosplay please.
OMG! My brother's so mean. He knows i scare easy so as i'm reading this suddenly he jumps up from behind me with a pair of safety scissors and cackled. I almost killed him when I smacked him with a book. TT_TT
I loved it so much. It was awesome and so fun to read. I'm a first time reader but dang this was totally sweet. You did such a good job snarkling. If you ever do restart it it will be a great day.