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Progress may be slow, but it's still progress.
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I really like Kuro in the last panel for some reason...
September 6th, 2011
And now everything makes sense.
Puns are always accepabtle filler.
Nyan Cat prevails!
Yesssss, I can't wait! I bet it'll be pretty easy to draw all those snowy landscapes. Mostly just shades of white/blue/grey.
Wow! She is very pretty! You make the cleavage look very natural.
This is the first time you've mention Inu's brother's name. Stiiiiiillll, stripes are the beeeeeeessssst.
Where did Bobby get that bat?
Yay! Inu is back in winter clothes! But I do miss his striped scarf. The one Ally has in the banner looks awful familiar, though....
Woohoo! Costume change!

P.S. I'll admit I first saw Deathy's fire pants when I was like, eleven, and I thought they were the coolest thing ever. XP
Inu's face looks so different with his eyes open, but he definitely looks familiar in the last panel.

Also, I really like that second to last panel.
Yes! YES! That's the Inu smile I've been missing!
Yay! Your new art style is taking some getting used to, but I'm happy that you're updating!
I found this comic by hitting the random button. I just read the entire thing start to finish. You two have made a marvelous comic and I enjoy it thoroughly. I am looking forward to future installments. Keep up the good work!
Chris's bed looks comfy and big. Big enough for two if they cuddle up!
If that's what he does when he's not even trying, I'd hate to see what happens when he actually tries to hit her in the face with a fish.
I think maybe releasing several pages at once might work, but I don't think once a month would be frequent enough. Maybe three or four pages a week?
YEEEESSSS. Wonderful manhugs in the rain.
You're doing twelve dancing princesses?! That's my favorite fairy tale of all! *loves you forever*