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Volume 3 cover
Heres Kang! Trying something a little new for the cover design.
December 12th, 2010
Page 379
As I did last time, I'm gonna take a short one month break before starting the next volume. Hope you've enjoyed this one!
October 2nd, 2010
Volume 2, Chapter 8
This chapter marks something of a turning point for the comic, so I'm a bit excited to see how it goes over.
September 1st, 2010
PAGE 300!
Exactly a year ago, I first posted this comic on smack jeeves. (Since its a daily comic, you might think, shouldn't we be on page 365 then? If you do the math for the remaining double uploads and the month hiatus I took between volumes, it works out.) I like to think that the comic has grown a lot since then, and looking at my art from the first volume, you can tell I have too. So anyway, I hope you've enjoyed it so far and hope you'll like it even more in the future. So, Happy birthay Martoq High!
August 22nd, 2010
Page 280
Sorry, no chapter page again!
Page 260
Sorry, no chapter page this time. D: Things are mega-crazy for me right now. Also I lied about regular updates continuing. It's going to be weekly updates for the next... 7 weeks, I believe. I really sorry. After those weeks are up, I will do twice-daily updates until I make up for the missed days.
Short break
After today, Martoq High will be on a week-long break. Daily updates will resume after that. :D
Page 202

Riley: "But it's all okay now!"
Kang: "...Do you notice how the more tired Mr. Polynomial looks the more childish our assignments become?"
Page 203

Pureleaf: "Kang, those are all sines. You are supposed to be cutting out COSINES."
Kang: "They are exactly the same!"
Riley: "You liiike her...!"
Page 201
Riley: "Just the usual with us or against us deal."
[She's been using her time at school well.]
Kang: "Should I be worried?"
Riley: "Prolly not. Oh yeah, then they captured Nain for no reason. I think some elf helped him escape."
Page 246
Kang was actually lying on the last page, by the way. All of his girlfriends have broken up with him.

Lunaria: "Wanna get ice cream?"
Kang: "Sure, that sounds good. Ah, Martoq Ices. The best ice cream in the land. Perhaps the only."
Ice Cream Dream
Quick little sketch of Nain and Alex.
Page 237

Cillian: "Why THAT school?!"
Kathen: "It's the only other high school in Martoq."
Cillian: "Really!?"
Kathen: "How young were you last time we came here?"
Page 236

Cillian: "Oh. I will. So what's our cover story?"
Kathen: "I'm your older brother, our parents are dead. Oh, and you just transferred from the Christian private school.
Page 235

[The next day]
Cillian: "Why'd you change my eye color?"
Kathen: "A black-eyed, black-haired human is still suspicious."
Cillian: "What're you doing?"
Kathen: "Changing into human clothes. I suggest you do the same."
Page 234

Cillian: "I'll just leave you in charge."
Kathen: "...You want to spend 7 hours a day, 5 days a week away from me, possibly getting beaten up, while I have full control over the camp. Let's go get you registered."
Cillian: "Wait! I'm not sure I want to go anymore!"
Page 233

Kathen: "You want me to transform you into what? A human?"
Cillian: "That's a start."
Kathen: "What about the affairs at the camp?"
Page 232

Kathen: "So I can't legally stop you. But just think about it."
[Point-counterpoint with Cillian and Kathen!]
Kathen: "You can't pretend to be a normal student. ALL of the death kids know your face."
Cillian: "Good thing they can't go to school, then."
Kathen: "Yeah, and you're not going to be allowed in either."
Cillian: "You're good with magic."
Page 222

Pogan: "Well, her parents said she was too dangerous to have around, so she went to live with him."
Adrian: "And you're okay with that?"
Pogan: "I don't know how I feel about that. I just don't trust the bastard."
Page 221

Pogan: "School was school. Any news?"
Adrian: "Not really. Oh, but you did get a call from Riley a couple of minutes ago. She wants you to go over to her place right away."
Pogan: "She means Kang's place."
Adrian: "She's living with Kang? WHY?!"