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Games: Kingdom Hearts I & II, Harvest Moon Series, Ookami, Pokemon Games, Final Fantasy III
Movies: Labyrinth, FF VII, Second Hand Lions, Samurai X, Transformers, Kakurenbo
Anime: Paranoia Agent, Bleach, First Season of Pokemon, Fruits Basket, S-CRY-ed, Outlaw star, Sukisho!,
Manga: Tokyo Mew Mew, Death Note, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Chrono Crusade, Bring it On!, Chocolat, Xxx Holic
Favorite Male Characters: Axel from KH 2, Reno from FF VII, Renji from Bleach, Gaara from Naruto, Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket, L from Death Note, Roxas from KH2, Sora from KH2, Chrono from Chrono Crusade, Juli from HM, Chihaya from HM, Cliff from HM, Gray from HM, UryĆ» from Bleach, Chad from Bleach, Ichigo from Bleach..XDD A lot of Bleach.
Favorite Female Characters: Rukia from Bleach, Tohru from Fruits Basket, Misty from Pokemon, Rosette Christopher from Chrono Crusade, Mary from Harvest Moon, Kotomi from harvest Moon
Favorite Creatures: Pikachu, Squirtle
Favorite Band: DIR EN GREY [Life Obsession]

Current Status on Comics:
Paints and Pastels-Hiatus?
Single Similarity-Updates, Active
Harvest Moon: Colorful Minerals-Updates, Active
Somewhere Other-Hiatus.
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    Mimiako Felix
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8D Cute page, I like it.
=] Hey, I ike the page. <33

Just next time try and post within your time limit? Yesterday your time was up, but since its the first round, I'll give you TWO more days to post your next one.
<3 Ee~! You backrounding skills are amazing and so are you coloring. =] So Its Jelly's turn now I believe.
Love this page.

lawl, he lives with his mom. Hot. XD
Very lovely, I still looooove her outfit and the layout is os well done. =DD
Zomg she's so pretty. XDD I love these pages, amazing!
I'm sooo sorry this took so long. I didn't have much time this week from seriously, two huge projects and a paper and three study guides and three tests.

Finally I got this done. I've had it sketched up and inked for a while. Just no color.

Sorry if there is any coloring mistakes, I was trying to hurry and finish up. Thanks everyone for their patience!


Also, I would like to dedicate this page to Eonan Winters. May he rest in peace. And so I don't get many questions, he was a very sweet roleplay buddy of mine that died yesterday from Internal Bleeding. Rest In Peace.

Enjoy the page please~
Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated yet, the next page will be up tomorrow. I've had a whole paper, a project, three packets, an art project all seriously due friday. I have a lot of homework laid on me, but I promise the page will be done tommorrow.
<3333 EEE, I love this webcomic! FAVED.
Phew, so this page took me a while. One more page then it'll be the next person's turn. =D

The backround was very tedious but actually pretty fun. XD
Chapter 1
Do NOT post anymore Omake's until the chapter is officially over unless you have to put in a filler for being unable to post yours. And if it is a filler, please make it with a lot of effort. If not, I will ask you to take it down.

Everyone in this collaboration will be receiving a PM very shortly on the summary of what the chapter will be about and the update schedule. We currently are still accepting people, but now it is almost 100% more difficult since I must be harsher on the amount of people since we have such a big group. Also, you will not be allowed to post you character NOR enter the chapter until AFTER the chapter is over.

Also, to the readers of this collab, we post on a turn based schedule. Each of the authors get one week to post the next page unless given a very good reason or a filler, but if its a filler they still are expected to post a page within another time limit I send them.

Now that all the technical stuff is over, about the image. I worked forever on this image. XD The backround I did myself since I wanted it to be unique so I did each line myself. Hax took forever too. I know the pose looks a little firmiliar from the Lace picture I drew, but I thought it was befitting. ^^
XD Heh, I had to do this. It started as a sketch and decided to actually do it.
=DD Ahh! How lovely! <33 She's so pretty!!!!
XDDD I made everyone lineart almost except for Andy but fuu, Dom just looked so much cuter as a chibi.
XDDD Ahah, Merv~!
<333 Eee~ They both are so lovely~ I love Lace so much. >D She's so awesome.
=D Oh yes, you did him lovely! <3
XDD Ahaha, I love it. Poor Hax, he has such low social skills.
>3 Hax's perverted side.

He isn't used to being around beautiful girls. And yes, their bust isn't really that big. XDDD Its just Hax and his hormonal boy vision. Hehe. XD

Btw, no real nosebleeds in the virtual reality. XDD Just for laughs.

And for those who aren't up to date on Manga talk, Nosebleeds means they are strongly 'attracted' to that person. XD
XDD Aww~ She's so cute!