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I like drawing,sing,playing rockband,writing,etc

Oh anyone who wonder smartass idiot fangirl who talks like business person is just me being my normal self...Don't beleive me ask my cousin --->

Then ask me --->

Also...I enjoy dancing around my house singing "The Cake Is A Lie" while my sister is baking cake...It pisses her off...It's fun to piss her off ^_^

School started so if you want to contact me use Deviant Art or by email
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I saw pink on this page and thought
I'm glad, you've done all of my favorite fairytales.
(The Prince(ss) and The Frog/ The Frog Prince(ss): OCD ver 8D
And The Three Bears. :) My two favorites as a child) So now I'm just reading because you always write awesomely~~!
I liek how this seen was on page 69.
The 4th Panel
It reminds me of a scene form Nabari No Ou
It's Kim's older bro [dabbit,I forgot his name]
LOl....when i saw the "Kick thing" my first thought was "FALCON KICK!" then "Do noy want,yet!"XD
This is so cute!I wanna cry!I wanna cry!Ariel's gonna make me cry!;v;
Loved this comic!But I'm happy that at least no ones forgotten Richard and henry......Actually looking back at it now, they were mentioned by a commenter on about every page...I'm pretty sure we all thought they'd have a bad ending,And thats why we loved them so much!I don't know really...But yea...Richard was probably arrested because he did something to henry...I wouldn't put him above it....
LOL!...I think the first one really would transpire!
February 20th, 2011
Let him stay with you sifris!Make the fangirls have an attack!
The chibi's at the end are basically me and my best friend! XD
I'm gonna be screaming that all- day now!


Aww...i liked ed as seme....Liams awesome though X3 poor poor little uke....he's so new to this.....XD
I hate to say it....but yea i believe edward will be uke....unless he HAS gotten taller....even if we dont notice it....
I heard "Finisher!" in the back of my mind just of the worlds best things.....
"Squid" Is awesome..totally my fave character so far...I geuss I'm sorta like aiden...except when i say shit and someone dont like it i fight them....and most of the time win...[2 tie 6wins and 1 loss (I was fighting my 28 year old bro)]
It's a tie between hotaru and yumi,Hotaru's really a cute character [personality wise] and yumi is just awaesome.....
Yea i know i only have a few pages...and that those pages suck ass....But I cant upload because my editor[also known as my cousin]Is making me write a bit more on the story to all my other projects[I have 5 writing and 3 comics] This one is currently the most developed....I will start uploading my other stories to my site[also shared w/ my cousin]She also has a part she needs to upload...We both lazy....But yea temporary hiatus and I may post up a link to my other stories....Also My printers currently out of commission....But this Summer i may be able to start uploading my comic again....But I'll have alot going on......So please wish me luck health and the ability to get off my lazy ass and draw.....
LOL! Team Edward Elric,because alchemists can sparkle too!
Lol sailormoon!!!!!!!!!
I still cant get over the hat its really cute on him.....
3 years.....I feel so sorry for them....
But I'm wondering will the years just be a time laps in the comic? cause i don't really think you'd want to draw that much.....
I love your comic!