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@ Koren
Nah, hes just very serious.
Its a fight to the death.
He has no idea that Jeff and Gar are just fucking around and that they arent trying to kill eachother...that would be ludacris
@ Encoyroaba
That would be quite interesting
What happens when your life bar runs out is you get a fancy GAME OVER screen... and then you show up at your last save.
I dont think real life works that way though, it would be totally awesome if it did though
Keno is just like my cat sebastian, but sebastian is more like murphy in weight wise, so hes kinda lazy
OmG! Why do they have to be so cute!!??!!
Today should be Gay Valentines Day
It would be remarkably awesome
Maisy has boobs because she looks funny with boobs.
I would love to put boobs on my cat
The fact that you find it hot is just wierd @supercomputer.

BTW gar, I gots a tattoo, and it is cute, and work has been keeping me away, therefore a LOT of posting is in order today
I want to bottle up Nekos enthusiasm of stupid shit and sell it
I would make a damned fortune!
@ Mexandrew
Holy shit! that is Angus!
I never would have noticed cause I was too busy watching Bummy be a beast and rip that fucking birds head off!
wow bummy is a beast man!!
Im really stumped on where Bummy is!!
I think hes the door handle but I could be wrong
Its got some pot in it.. thats pretty herbal, isnt it?
murphy is fucked LOL cause Neko is just being a twatwaffel
No its not just you love
Oh well Gar, its not my site, its his, I just occasionally print some of his stuff out and color it and right now Im waiting for him to put the stuff onto his collaborations part
but anyways the website is
LOL sounds like the warden from The Longest Yard
but him being corrupt would make him the warden from the Shawshank redemption
Neko has no idea about the planets does he?
Hes just dicking around and messing with Kenos boyfriend because its funny
yeah I know Ive been really busy with a friend of mine, he has a website and he does drawings and Ive been coloring some of them for him and then working and then dealing with my boyfriend and my best friends crap with her boyfriend and Im just here to see Keno lol
They took bummy
they killed him and hollowed out his organs, sold them on the black market and then built a ship inside of him
You do know that Jesus wasnt born in december, but in early may, right?