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A poor art college student hoping to get her comics published someday...;_;
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So as you guys have's not a new page...;_;

I SEVERELY underestimated how tough this quarter was going to be (not to mention, I'm gonna be graduating in a couple of months DADKLFJ;ADLFJD;LAKSJ ).

If you guys don't already know, I am a sequential art major and so comics are ALSO my homework! T-T

Anyway, what you see here is a sneak preview from what I'm currently working on. :) (with amusing caption inserted hahahaha). It's a series I've been developing for the past year, and so now I've finally gotten the chance to start on the first chapter, which I'll be pitching to publishers and hopefully get it published! :)

BUT, this does NOT mean, I'm stopping Hell's Bells. It's just means that my updates will be...well...a bit strange for the time being. I'm trying to get enough of my other comic done (it's also for my Senior Project--so it's for a grade as well) so that I can get a more balanced schedule later.

I apologize dearly for not updating on a regular basis! Drawing comics is tough (I myself have underestimated this fact ORZ)! Thanks for understanding! T-T I'll try harder!
@Lialilly: Yay!

@nyappy: I honestly didn't have time to walk around (I was bogged down with commissions...;_; ), so I probably missed you...D:
September 27th, 2010
Good lord, I'm probably making a horrible first impression of myself. Late as usual...ugh...

I have a question for you guys, would you rather me do this in black and white instead? I ink much faster than I color. OR...would you rather I take several weeks to backlog before I release my pages? I'm not used to a weekly schedule (I do pages at certain times--sometimes I do one in a week or do 6 in a weekend...D: ).

Anyway, here's a REAL comic page for you [finally]! >3<
Hey guys! So sorry this isn't a comic update, because I JUST came back from Anime Weekend Atlanta and I'm EXHAUSTED. I spent the last week dealing with school and AWA prep, so that I wasn't able to draw up a page.

I was happy to know that several of you were there or at least people recognized my webcomic, so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! :)

Anyways, I'll be starting up my comic again for next weekend, so watch out! I think by the end of the week I should be able to get my schedule in order and I will be able to update without all these random hiccups in between!

Anyway, enjoy this picture of me being molested by my new Bayonetta action figure I got at the con! XDDD;

(oh, and PLEASE shout-out if you were at the con and/or visited my booth! 8D )
September 6th, 2010
Nyahhh! She is late again. V_V;

I'm starting to think I should change my update day or just get off my ass and WERK!

Sorry I was late again. I just thought this time I'd upload two pages (b/c the 4th one is a bit boring ^^'). If it reassures any of you guys, I always try and make the page look as good as possible and not rush anything. ^^'


I'm heading off to school [I should say] this weekend, so I'll be busy packing and shit and doing other preparations before I head off.

Also Anime Weekend Atlanta will be the weekend after school starts, so I will be VERY busy (but I'll try to squeeze in a page for that weekend, but not this one coming up).

I really hope I'll be on a steadier schedule at school (b/c home is such a distraction for me), so we'll see! :)
Daw, thank you! X3
WAAAAAHHH!!! Sorry for being late with this! ;_; I should have been better about getting it done this week. NEEDS MORE SELF-DISCIPLINE.

*hides in a corner*

Anyway, thank you guys for welcoming me warmly to this site! XD; I didn't think my comic would have any appeal, and already it seems that people like it (even though I only have like...3pgs. hahaha ^^' ).


Now you can enjoy this page...^^' *hides again*
Thank you! :3

Hahaha, maybe I should make plushies of them or something. fufufu
>3< Thank you so much!
Haha, take that! >:D
The motherfuckin' cover! >:D