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Likes reading, writing, drawing, webcomics, and video games.

That, and yelling, "DAIOHHHHH!!"
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'None shall pass,'


'NONE shall pass.'
Every shipping exists. Every. Single. One of them.

Soarin has been shipped with pie, Trixie has been shipped with herself, and Rainbow Dash has been shipped with ALL THE THINGS.
Hey! His letters aren't coloured...

And the yellow's fading!

Oh dear lord... HE'S COMING DOWN!!
That fiend!

Who drinks PEPSI?!

I mean really. When people say Coke Zero tastes like Pepsi, it's an insult, but Pepsi people never say anything tastes like Coke as an insult.

That says something and you know what it is!
My Conclusion: Everyone already hated him.

Now we just have more reasons to.
I could have gone my entire life without seeing that panel, thank you very much. -.-

Can you really be surprised though?


I mean, I'm no potter fan, but I'd still rather watch that than Twilight.

Unless it was Twilight Sparkle. She is best Main Pony don'tcha know.
*given the choice to go literally anywhere on the ever expanding information super highway*

*doesn't click 'Latest>>'*

I am disappoint.
It seems there's two types of 'mons. The ones in the Mystery Dungeon games that are actually intelligent, and then the (as Badx said) dumb bastards who love you unconditionally no matter how many times you get their faces turned into salsa.

Stupid, stupid pokemon.
Silkworm is everywhere.

It is undeniable.

Knux looks rabid. XD
This is going to be an interesting match fo'sho.

Wait... what if they go to THIS page?

Oy-Vey, did Chris send someone off the deep end with ghostly vengeance?
It seems she's about to bean herself with an L-block.

A dangerous skill, Gravity Tetris is. Run fast, Z-man, run fast.
I seee... It's like a guy with a cowl, like batman. The smaller circles is his left eye, and the two parallel lines are over where his other eye would be.

He's like a one-eyed batman.
Well, Bass knows to keep his eye on the one to whack.
Awh, come on. He's the Jelly Kitty, he'll be fine.

Unless he WON'T be, in which case a good deal of Smackjeeves will be very sadpants indeed...
Oh, come on, Blitz. Is that the best you can come up with?

Or just the best you're willing to actually post for fear of alienating everyone else with your distuurrrrbing ability to come up with equally distuuuurrrrrrbing imagery?

They obviously played backgammon. Sport of kings Ya'kno.
Do we have to smack ourselves even if we knew this?