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DeZia Cerridwen
A child of the nineties through and through, DeZia dreams of becoming a legendary BEATNIK RAVER! Her obsession with her Fandoms and CDs and her Magnet/Zombie phobia and strange affinity to Coyotes, Sub-Woofers, the Desert and Sunlight/water make her an EXTREMELY VOLATILE SUBSTANCE. Do not leave her near an open flame.

Or a stockpile of AU ideas.

That would be asking for trouble.
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GAWD, I just LOVE thieves. They own everybody with with AND SUPER FAST CROOK FINGERS.
*long lapse of existance*
Naming conventions? I need to look into this *positively clueless*
AH, I am honored you used Joseph as a name here... I' love to suggest more, but I'd also like to see what other people have to say. *pulls out baby names book*
OH, I mean messed up in the same way as you do, a prick! So just a little confusion there.
tsuDAKI's unnoficial mascot
Seeing as I revamped everything and this is now tsuDAKI Stories, I figured I'd post the Mudhead pic I made for Z a while back... they are our mascot, after all~!
You should name the Archer Jack, because all cool messed up guys are named Jack. Jack of Millshire or something. And the pirate should have a strangely sophisticated name like William or Joseph.
This page is a bit strange because it is actually a two-page spread. I edited the fold out, but there's a place it's still visible.
I still feel the need to tell you how awesome this is. I hope it's not getting old.
What EXCELLENCE Is this?!? Beautiful indeed!
I had horrible artists' block, I went on vacation, I came home, nmy scanner BROKE and I got artists' block again. BUT I FIXED IT.

This is a "what-if" picture in which (AN UNNAMED MAJOR VILLAIN) has captured Chase and is making a bigger/faster/stronger clone of him. It makes me dizzy to look at @___@ Made me dizzy to draw it.

This marks a change in pace for the HNC, here, my style has changed once again.
Oh mein GOTT,I love it. Sprite-comic with high-end intellectual refs xDDD
nah, hon, it's okay, English is your second language, right? I like comics with bad English, actually, I think it's cute ^_^
You update SO FAST Kaz @__@ 'Course, I know you had it all written, but STILL!
This seriously has to be the most WELL constructed sprite-comic I have ever seen. I know I said that, but your ingenuity goes FAR beyond what most people usually do with sprites.
Hayza, Kaz~! 'Tis DeZ! I Absolutely LOVE your Icon EVIL BURGER.
You collapsed my chest. EXCELLENT.
You do a WONDERFUL JOB. Perspective, composition... everything... goodonya for making the best FE spitecomic I've seen!
'Mazin, 'mazin! Man, you do not skimp when it comes to quality! Excellent work!