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I am 22 years old with a lot, a lot of hobbies, which include drawing and writing. I little while ago, I decided that I wanted to take my love of doodling and add it together with my literacy level, and the end result were comics. I'm fairly new to the idea of actually drawing comics, since I'm considerably new to the software I'm teaching myself how to use- with a Manga-ka for Dummies sort of book. Haha!

I try to be humorous, in life and on paper, although some times I fail at it. I'll always keep trying with my doodles, my jokes, and with my... self-teaching... ness, at least!

PS- I like teh girlies.
Oy oy oy... Story of my life! Haha Anyway, to explain...

My recent ex had been flirting with me since she got together with her new gf, and has thus told me she loved me and that she would leave her for me and making out (as well as an accidental one day fling I chose not to think of), and now she says that I misconstrued her words, and that she's been telling me that she just wants to be friends. Confusing way to show friendship, right?

Prior to that, I have two suicidal exes that blamed me for their habits, one who was raped by her cousin who was really only dating me to not like guys after that, one who had cheated on me while she was schooling in New York who had her brother, my friend, tell me, and after she begged me back and swore it meant nothing, she was shot and killed (and her family didn't tell me till after her funeral because I 'changed' their daughter), one who called me too clingy and then left me for a guy, one who disappeared when her family sent her to rehab and it took me six years to come in contact with her again...

So yeah... I'm aboard the crazy/evil exes train. I totally agree with wanting a normal, caring girlfriend with a cool personality and is nice and loving and doesn't treat you like crap.
"... Bitch, please!!" Oh wait, that's my inner gay man's reaction...

Anyway, Amanda needs to either gets some balls, or at least come clean about the situation to all parties- IE the living with said 'girlfriend' thing. Even if you fear for your life. At least the honesty is there.
Dagger being... well, Dagger. X3 Once a perv, always a perv.
So... yeah. Any hero or villain want to respond before I do?? ^_^
So... let's promise not to talk about perspective on the whole running thing, 'cause I'm admittedly not all that great at drawing much other than 3/4th of characters and sideviews so far. I used a basis of an idea to look at the form, but... yeah. Kinda sucks, I think. Haha

Anyway... This is the first of two pages, although I'm debating on making a third. Still, a third might have to wait because I want to have others to respond off the next page. We'll see how it goes. ^_^
So... got this image in my head, and it wouldn't leave, so I drew it out quickly and colored it quicker. I was actually more excited to doodle this one out rather than the actual pages I'm working on for the comic (I know, bad me) but I really think that it turned out really, really well. If you can notice, I changed little things about both Derek's (White Hawk) and Jake's (Shadow) hero/villain outfits, such as...

Hawk now has gloves, since I realized that a lack of them sometimes leaves fingerprints behind. Go figure. Small gloves, but still. They now exist. Let's pretend they always did. ^_^ Shadow now has an opening for his mouth, so breathing should be easier for him. It's cut so that his goatee won't show, and also so his hair won't leave his head.

By the way, I sooooo see a fight scene between these two characters, whether they find out that they're really related or not. Plus, I think it'd be cool. X3 In this particular scene, I kinda wanted them to have only grabbed the essentials to hiding one's identity- their masks. Doubt it'll happen in an actual page, but we'll see.

Hope this is fine for today. I'll try and finish up the two page reply I have in the works.
I'm game.

Good news? I'm better at drawing. So pages won't look so ugly now. Or... not as ugly. Meh. X3

I'm doing a two page add on to the story now, as well as regular art for the comic that I will add tonight. I swear on that. ^_^
Would this be a bad time to admit that I've been super lazy and am starting a reply to this now??? I promise to put it up.
Thank you for your review, and I'll definitely get to work on some of the things that you mentioned. I appreciate it.
Building off of the last page with the principal and the VP. X3 And Mister T isn't shocked and hurt by what he'd seen- just the fact that he wasn't asked to join in.
Gah... I needed to check this more often- especially when I was out of state for a long time. I absolutely did not see this till RIGHT NOW. I is idjit.
Sparky-chu returns... at a very awkward moment.

Sorry it's bad quality... I left a peice of my equipment for my tablet three thousand miles away so I'm working on hand drawing now.
Well, then Dagger probably is just teasing everyone. Chances are he'd teach some other class and purposefully make a reference that he's sexy. Hahaha :3
Cause really... I don't know who else to teach sex ed than Mister T. ^_^ Plus, torturing a faculty member and looking damn sexy is what he's good at.
I vote Mr. T to rape him first!! X3
... Yeah, Sparky is at the canceled class. He was probably late anyway, but that's beside the point. Anyone up to talking to him and making friends? ^^
A page I actually sketched out out of boredom while sitting in the passenger side of my buddy's car for twelve hours. Then again, I also came up with the idea for Sparky then too. That aside, this idea came up between north Nevada and south California, and I kind of knew that the interaction between characters would only last this page alone for a while. They're friends, obviously, although Sparky does like Cobalt more than that... but Cobalt is a bit of an idiot around love and all that, so Sparky is a little screwed in that department. After all, Cobalt never really knew love, at least more than simply a thought of what could be, so understanding it is out.

All in all, this page is just a set up. God knows I'll be drawing Cobalt + Sparky porn soon (amongst other pairing smut as well), so we'll see where the characters end up going. Right now, I'm focusing on introductions and stuff. And just because Sparky likes Cobalt doesn't mean someone can't sway his affections! He just doesn't talk to many people. Unless he's making fun of them. Or laughing with (or at) them.

PS- If anyone wants to talk to Cobalt, he's at the edge of the forest near the school with his pile of wood. Sparky is... well, you'll see where he is soon. Last but not least, Dagger Tooth is around the school somewhere, awaiting me to make his big introduction. Which, considering I'll have my buddy's apartment to myself, will give me time to think of something.

... I need to draw some smut soon. I just do.
Dagger: I know you're really just fighting over me. But don't worry~ there's enough to go around. :) And I make mohawks look hotter.

@ Kiwifie: Thanks a lot. I like drawing guys like this. ^_^ I will have lots of fun drawing the guys in my style. :3
Name: Dagger Tooth (but "Mister T" will do nicely)
Age: 29
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 226 lbs
Pokemon Species: Feraligatr
Position: Seme/Uke/Semeuke
Likes: Sex, fondling, sexuality, masturbation, music, lust, men, fighting, water, smoking, teasing others, joking around, laughing, seducing, sweet foods
Dislikes: Lack of sex, quiet, love, women, needless fighting, no cigarettes, idea of rape, spicy foods
History: Raised in Johto, he heard about the school in passing and signed up to share his intensive knowledge with students... except his real intentions weren't as pure.
Personality: He likes to believe he's undeniably sexy and that any male in a ten mile radius really wants him. He can be preditorial when he really wants someone. While he doesn't spend much time teaching, preferring to hit on both students and teachers alike, he IS very smart- just disinterested in anything other than sex.
Extra Info: Teaches at the school... kind of. Spends most of his time picking up students or faculty.