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I'm an amatuer writer and artist.
I am also in college to get my art/biology sciences teaching degree
Hope you like my comic(s)!
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HOLY SPROCK! I'm scared of Yusuf now. Will never see him the same way! O.O a little scared when I think if Yusra hadn't gone to live with her aunt...
You're back! I'm glad that you're feeling good enough to draw again. And HE FINALLY REMEMBERS YAAAAAY!
No, and neither is anyone else. btw: I love Sherlock and the Doctor too :D
haha! I know what that's like. I'll be cheering you along the way.
Freakout? Y/N
That one blond girl looks kinda like one of your characters in Leo. hmmm. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the inevitable freakout! XD
Maybe he's not a vampire, but an immortal? mwahahaha love the styleXD
Wait what? Isn't Delpin like the prince of dolphins or something? Don't dolphins eat fish?? @.@
Go Joeseph! Save your true love!! (omg that totally sounds like a cheesy old anime line.)XD
.....Bitch! stupid seperation of church/religions and state! also stupid 'tolereance' crap philosophy that doesn't work!
GAAAAAh!!! mary DOES want to off Yusra/Joesph! O.o
YAY!Mary only beats up idiots! I like her now!
evil face kicking cousin? NEAT!um hope she doesn't beat up Yusra. XD
Drain brammage? lol whut
O.O this could be interesting...
or very very bad.I wonder if they're in New York..:P
Does Ama=Aunt in Arabic?
cute art!
is that girl Joeseph's aunt/sister? (Just wondering since they kinda look alike.) cute comic! :P