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I play soccer (defence), swim, love video games (go sega genesis!), my favorite computer game is Diablo 2, and I love to roll down hills ^-^

And I LOVE drawing (duh!) I'm ganna become a Toonami Cartoon Producer when I grow up, and make my own anime movies too =D
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who is this mysterious person!?
This isnt her profile, which is why i didnt put it under there. This is just a snapshot of her at a photo shoot :) And no, she isnt born yet. . . so it's ok if you havent seen her around the chat.
I agree with Amiko's interpretation. That's exactly what i got from it :)
Here we have Agustus! WOO! Dont call him Gus, he hates that. He has a human form, but I'll draw and post that later. I also did not draw him - i made him from a doll website, and you can find the original creator of said rat-making doll program here

xLight brown hair
xDeep red eyes
xPale skin
xRed shirt
xVery dark purple cloak ( almost black )
xWhite pants
xBlack boots

Angel is a little princess. Being the daughter of Satan, she was raised as one. She has very good manners, but in return usually demands that she be treated as royalty ( which she hardly ever gets because she's just so CUTE and is hard to take seriously lol ). Her aura is pure evil - animals, children, and adults alike become uneasy and restless when she's in the room
, however her looks tend to make up for this. She left hell to live on her own and start her training as a succubus - as of this age, she's feeding off of pedophiles. She doesnt like the bright sunlight and often goes out at night or wears the cloak to cover her skin and shield her eyes.

Yup :)
this time, in ACTION. woo!
Black dreadlocks, while her 'bangs' are light blue ( aka, the shaded strands of hair ). Blue eyes, pale skin, pink-rosey lips, sexy bod and will not hesitate to rob you blind :D

Zoan's long-lost daughter :3
. . . . maybe i missed something. . . but where did his glasses go!? D: i miss them being on his face!

That aside, i adore this comic to no end. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK~! <3 <3 <3
WOO! 8D the plot rises and thickens!
had this image in my head for like a month or two. So i just kinda threw it down :D
Flux~! She's a sift in time, made by Zoan as a house maid lol cuz he's lazy.

Flux is blind, but sees well enough because she sees energy. . though colors and detailed features are elusive to her.

Magnets are not her friend.
Posting only because you have NO IDEA how many times her looks were revised ( I literally had 5 choices drawn out for her hair style ). And i'm not even completely happy with her outfit. . . it looks old =A= but if i made it any other darker colors then she woulda looked too much like a tomboy - she sorta is, but not much. . . . Just look at her from the neck up =w=;

ugh. anyway. Here's Naz. Best friend to Audrey - audrey being the fiance` to Welington - welington being friends with Kiwi, Kage, Gabe and Apple - Gabe being Rip and Essy's youngest son.

yay connections~!

I saw the first panel, and I couldn't resist. <w<

Hope you like it~!
The daughter of Gemini and Rap. She isnt born yet lol but i figured i'd post anyways since i got her profile done.
Sorry it's late~! I had most of it done yesterday, but i wanted to add photoshop effects and make her look better X3;

Her hair is supposed to be less curly i know, but i wanted to make her hair, the edges of the dress and the basic background all have the same super wavy-ghostly feel.

Hope you like her~! :D
i dont think there's anything possibly cuter than a demonic bunny. Except maybe your soon-to-be parrot :D if he's demonic then thats bonus~~
dun dun DUUUNNNN!
Name: Harper Dawson ( if you couldnt figure that out from the title and the picture lol )

Age: 24
Occupation: Concept Artist for a video game company

-- more info will be given out later :)
HE OWNS THE TATTOO ON ETHAN'S ARM!! . . or maybe the entire arm itself! OAO . . .

thats just weird. but gawd do i love that mans hair T___T <3