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Who am I? Besides being known as gwingangel on most internet places I'm also an indebt SVA graduate looking to make this comic drawing thing my career. For now enjoy my comics as I learn how to make a better story for you, the reader.
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Ch1 and Ch2
OMG! Physical books of SometimesAdventures will be available at MOCCA in NY! I'd love to see you if you're there. I'll be at table I-16 1/2 with two other awesome artists, GreenWiggly and SWinku.

FUUUUUUUUUUN <-- go there for too many sketches of pokemon and other quick art by meeeee.
mysterious ending
cliffhanger hangs the story.

anyway end of chapter 2!

OMG! see you at MOCCA.
i did it...
so close...

hopefully by thursday the LAST PAGE OF 40 will be up.

See you then.
enjoying all of it
oh man this comic is definitely amazing! i really love the characters and i love the colors and the composition of the panels. i'm excited to see what happens next. please keep up the awesome work.
the first page of plot.
whattt? mysterious phone call is mysterious! the last few pages and things are actually happening. so weird.
ehhhhh break
completely useless page i know but i can't think of an actual storyline for the dog right now. maybe in the next chapter? anyway, enjoy the dancing.
just a few more...
haha oh masturbation jokes. how sophisticated you are. haha...

anyway! almost February! i might try to end Chapter2 this weekend but who knows! Anyway, visit my tumblr for random art and life and don't forget i'll be at MOCCA selling chapter 1 and 2 for you to enjoy in your hands.
The puppy did it...
another page! happy saturday!

i've been sorta bad about updating for one reason really. there's a puppy in the house! she's an adorable pomapoo but she's only 5 weeks old and being that young she needs to be watched CONSTANTLY. so whenever she sleeps i work on pages. other problem is i get distracted watching GhostAdventures.that show is so good and creepy i LOVE it.

anyway, hopefully i'll finish chapter 2 soon. see you next update.
page 34! enjoy! long strip is long! bad on the backgrounds but uh... long strip anyway! i might change it for the book for MOCCA. in new york. in april...see you there....
another comic.
i'm soo almost done with chapter two! sketches are done and inking and just need to scan and color then OMG MOCCA. chapters one and two are going to be up at Mocca in March. join me in New York!
i live!

sorry for the lack of update but the retail holiday season has thoroughly kicked my ass. 60 hour work weeks is NOT fun. BUT the retail will be ending and i can continue getting this comic and others rolling.

so Happy Holidays to everyone and I'll definitely see you next year (hurhur see that pun?) with more consistent updates.
omg color!
happy saturday! looks like there's a new page with...with some color and animation?! it's like a miracle!

kinda proud of myself with this one and i hope the kitty in the cloud terrifies you just a bit.

anyway, next update will have the last page of this whole 'relationship' thing out of the way but the chapter doesn't end until page 40! will you be around?
was here all along.
so ignoring the fact that i've skipped a few updates i'm trying to be better about it. haha excuses you've heard. anyway, manganext'10 was super slow! but i'll definitely have comic stuff for AnimeBoston'11.

thanks for your patience and next update will be on saturday.
convention soon.
oh man! MangaNext is on Friday! I'll be there! Nothing with Sometimes Adventures but I'll be there for commissions and general talk. Come say hi!
on time!
WHAT? When did this comic become about relationships and stuff? meh.
another page...
alright so for all the ranting about going on hiatus i'm now bringing you another comic page. i'm going to TRY to get this going on a Wednesday and Saturday update schedule.

another update?
haha so what was that about an hiatus? I lie.

anyway so here's a quick baking comic! i got the recipe from and it's super easy and fun!

if you bake it please take pics, i'd love to put them up on my blog.
post-it update. because yeah, you prolly won't see me for a while. so ENJOY!
for a while...
life is...strange. i don't know when the update will be but i'll try to keep these going anyway! i HOPE to have a pumpkin recipe type comic before halloween...worse case scenario, in time for thanksgiving.

anyway! Enjoy!
SHE is still a mystery just like how Guy is a mystery. ~ooo forshadowing