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Spark the hedgehog21
skater loves subs and wings also loves girls
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I hate updating
I hate making the CG scene is Going to suck also new AVATAR
good story oh and sory for not updating its a CG scene it may be crappy but im giving it my best
i must say you have a nice comic to
hey aqua
check my last post on the comic befre this one
hey aqua
hey aqua my new web comics coming out tommorw and i re created the spark sprites and made plenty of other recolored friends
did you get my e-mail
hey aqua i need to know what your email is
no its a 3d sonic game
hey auqa
hey ive got a game that lets you play as creatable characters want me to make you one
yes bridget
yes briget i do have an acount and i even know how to recolor sprites just like eli and even a coming soon comic called Xero Legacy Sparks story
thanks for the welcome but ive been on sj for a while my profiles kept getting delete ive been watching my bro ever since he got on sj and ive coached him to update every time hes had a doubt and give him so many ideas its not funny in fact in the one who i encouraged him tho make me spark super happy face >:D
im also elis bro
Hey bro
Dude what ever happened to spark