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I draw stuff and play video games
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The "Tabby Kisses" panel makes me think that if Gail had a tail it'd be wagging a mile a minute

Like an overexcited lesbian doge
hoyl shit that went to sex fast xD
that's usually how it goes I find though
all dat repressed homo lust
*whispers* Ben should eat a dick
or maybe a whole bag of em
Yay, so glad to see new pages!! Gotta say, I really love this comic. I was too shy to really comment much before >___<
@Almightyra either way, that face in the last panel!! So cute!
@Siahburns21 I have another comic going right now that I started posting on DeviantArt because of the size limit here on smackjeeves. Here's a link to the title page;
The only thing I'd have to say about this really is that Shuno's chest seems a bit off -- the curve makes him look more feminine, like a small-breasted female. Maybe by flattening down the roundness of the chest dip it'd better articulate the chestplate itself? I know what you were trying to achieve with the backart though, so maybe instead of curving the chest, push out the ribcage a little more.
the perspective threw me off for a sec, but super dynamic!
Hack Girl's becoming more and more badass as the comic continues
I bet she like judo flips him over the table or something xD
... Well then
That sword looks like it could rip some people in fifty-fucking-million pieces as it appears to also be a sawblade of some sort with very.... wow. I wants it
Oh sweet merciful monkey jesus
that's just precious innit
NOW I understand what the penny was for!! Gail put it right on the hood so that if Tabitha checked the trunk, the penny would fall off! So now Gail will see she went and looked even when she told her not too, and found out about the guns.
I'm probably just uneducated -- but why would she placed a penny on the car before going inside the warehouse?
The second to last panel has me very amused for some reason
There's something deeply intimate about the neck, I dunno...
Black and White
And here starts the B/W strips
Only special strips will have color (And even then it might not be the whole thing "en couleur")
Minor changes
I'll be uploading the comics in this size from now on, it's only a little bit smaller than the others.
BEN!! You naive little nerdy idiot, you made me laugh hard and it hurt my throat D:
Can't fit her hand in to the Pringles tube..... #FirstWorldProblems