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I draw stuff and play video games
My contact e-mail is
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MangaSarah on DeviantArt
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The "Tabby Kisses" panel makes me think that if Gail had a tail it'd be wagging a mile a minute

Like an overexcited lesbian doge
hoyl shit that went to sex fast xD
that's usually how it goes I find though
all dat repressed homo lust
*whispers* Ben should eat a dick
or maybe a whole bag of em
Yay, so glad to see new pages!! Gotta say, I really love this comic. I was too shy to really comment much before >___<
@Almightyra either way, that face in the last panel!! So cute!
@Siahburns21 I have another comic going right now that I started posting on DeviantArt because of the size limit here on smackjeeves. Here's a link to the title page;
The only thing I'd have to say about this really is that Shuno's chest seems a bit off -- the curve makes him look more feminine, like a small-breasted female. Maybe by flattening down the roundness of the chest dip it'd better articulate the chestplate itself? I know what you were trying to achieve with the backart though, so maybe instead of curving the chest, push out the ribcage a little more.
the perspective threw me off for a sec, but super dynamic!
Hack Girl's becoming more and more badass as the comic continues
I bet she like judo flips him over the table or something xD
... Well then
That sword looks like it could rip some people in fifty-fucking-million pieces as it appears to also be a sawblade of some sort with very.... wow. I wants it
Oh sweet merciful monkey jesus
that's just precious innit
Mm.... low riding hip-huggers and a collarbone-exposing camisole.... I wonder what Miles thinks of that
Damn the St.Claire family and their gorgeous genes!
D'aww-- Miles just looks so... CONCERNED. Touched, that Eva came
Bah, I just love Cindy's big happy grin!
S'been a while since I commented, but I assure you I'm still reading!!
The height difference.... *swoon*
I love how you draw everything -- the hair, the eyes, the hands, the blushes, and especially the lips. So excited for this chapter!