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Oh uh heeeey, sorry for the long...break.
I was kinda... procrastinating. I'll try to get regular updates back again but since school just started it might not work as well as I'm hoping for. uvu;;
that umbrella is full of germs
throw it away
Ahh, thanks guys. It's good to be back, haha. ;7;
O-oh, hi guys.
Yep, Dysfunctional isn't dead, ah. Sorry for the long delay. I think I'm gonna get this back to regular updates; hopefully.
The thing is; I lost my storyboard for the next few pages and was contemplating on redrawing Dysfunctional completely. That and a lot of procrastinating and DA rp groups (hi).
I kinda don't want to be in Jess' situation right now, y' know.
Merry Christmas, happy holidays, I love you all eee.
I'm sorry Dysfunctional isn't being updated regulary right now. Life is busy around this time of the year, right? ; v ;
I kinda forgot to upload this page u 7 u;;
omg George is the best I don't even-
and I see what you did there. Hmnn.
amg this makes me so sad ;7;'
oh, I know what you'd call it in english but it's just that the park is called "brunnenpark" and seeing as it takes place in Germany I wanted to keep it that way.
Oh my god this is just brilliant I can't stop laughing
t-the number keeps on going up and down but for now: thanks for 100 fans ♥
You guys are great asdlö;;
omg I love your style and coloring forever and always. /eyegasm ♥♥
And d'aw Alli is so adorable. ;w;

edit: I hope you didn't mind me drawing a fanart haha;;
Pfft, what a good fish. XD
Yup, exactly. More often than not it's either love or hate but I think to really build an opinion on someone takes some time.
You.. you are officially awesome. I'd like a hamster named fatty as well. Hng.
Also thanks, that means a much to me. I try to keep things realistic. ;_;b

@LemonzRcool: haha yeah, I guess. I wonder if Jess would become violent. Kathi could handle it though.

@Cumshot: bwaha, maybe she'll like her sooner or later.
@ dat guest
HMN GO CRAI MORE. There's nothing interesting to read anyway, dayumm. Bigger Resolution would break the layout.
Welp, done with the second chapter.
I'd like to thank everyone who's reading it, especially those who take the time to leave a comment. (Not saying I don't appreciate those who only read this. I am a big lurker myself and rarely comment anything so- you guys are amazing ♥)
wow, a male character. Hi there. Wee need more of you in this webcomic. C:

I think that'd be a smarter move, but I don't think Kathi is someone who'd think that much into it and was probably not in the state of even bothering. ;D Oh and she left the phone in Jess' room, sorry for not clarifying that.
Oh George...
nevertheless, I like her a lot haha.