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@KiraMiko: It's just the way Ren drew her haha I dunno, that's how she's always drawn Rosalia, even in her original introduction.
@littlebeast: It's just what she was playing.
@littlebeast: Actually, the name is based off the Unhinged from Magic the Gathering.
@Guest: lol, nah, in the Volume 1 extra chapter she actually straight up proposes to Elisa. It just tales Elisa a few weeks to make a decision on it.
Elisa accepts Rosalia's proposition by giving her own. And with those words, the two are now engaged. Will things go happily for this new couple?
Doom reference is best reference.
41 chapters... I didn't realize the comic had gone on for this long haha Congrats!
@Hippocampus: Nah. It's several days later. They came over early in the day.
Rosalia is quite ready to have some fun with the two of them, but Elisa still has her own plans.
That Saturday, as Alexis, Julie, and Trevor leave for the tournament, Elisa goes into action with her own plan.
Well, it would make sense with how she feels about Chris.
I'm only surprised that, since they're at the beach, Pi isn't in a bathing suit haha
@Guest: Actually, the idea of having the comic written from first-person narration instead of a neutral third-person narration was an active choice I made.
@00Stevo: Oh wow, that's kind of cool, actually. I've got autism as well (Aspergers). Nice to meet a fellow autistic webcomic author ^^

That said, on the aspect of art changing in the comic, I think maybe if you ever published a book version of the comic and really felt like you need to update the art, updating it for the book might be good. But as your art will undoubtedly continue to improve, updating older pages now would make you want to do it again later when your art improves again, eventually leading to a loop of constant art updating and eventual burn out for yourself.
Well, art errors can be fixed, but at the same time, having art errors in older stuff is pretty much guaranteed. You're always improving, after all. Keeping it that way can help you notice how much you've improved.

About the only thing I feel does need some fixing is the grammar, but I also don't really ever want to bring that up as I'm guessing English isn't your first language. The best I could do would be to offer my services as a better reader, but I also don't want to be like "You need someone to fix your grammar, so you need to have me do it." Like... I would want the offer to sound beneficial and serene as opposed to coming off as though I'm being snotty, you know?

I have no idea if any of that makes sense the way I had it in my head... I just enjoy the comic and want to see it do good haha
@Guest: True, but again, as Alexis is not present for most of this chapter, I didn't feel it worked to have Alexis narrating.
@Guest: Yes, I've seen quite a few "thought bubbles" using simple yellow boxes. Here, we've used blue boxes to signify that it's not Alexis.
@Hippocampus: Oh yes, there's a reason I had to split Saturday between Elisa and Alexis in separate chapters. Cause either story alone was a full chapter's length, so unless I wanted a 50 page chapter, I needed to break it up. Chapter 11 (which is the Saturday at Wizards) is a big chapter on its own. It's a lot of characters and story.
Ah, I still love this piece <3 It's pretty great. I love that Inkie-chan is just sitting their reading in bed with her girlfriend next to her. I do love the aspect of Inkie-chan being unmodest while her girlfriend is the exact opposite haha
@Trans homura : Well, it's not that she is too old to have kids herself biologically. As she mentioned in an earlier page, she actually can't get pregnant herself. This is more whether, at the age of 40, she should even be looking to get married and having kids with someone.