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@Kyle: Well, Alexis and Adrian are a few years apart. Recall that all of the major beating up and stuff that occurred to her was within the last year or so.

@Hippocampus: Oh yeah, there's still the rest of the week for things to get fucked up before the tournament. I will say, though, that Alison will be in the next chapter.
@ZHODY the delfinator: Alison was never explicitly shown. However, it was mentioned that Alexis met Julie's friends back in the first chapter. Specifically, page 1-10 mentioned it. It's possible that the dark haired girl might be the design Ren uses for Alison, but I'm uncertain as Ren hasn't sent me any art of Alison as of yet (as she was, honestly, first designed when I wrote this chapter, so she's never been shown until now).
And so we begin a new chapter. I'm going to warn, though. This chapter is going to have a few dark themes as it deals with the nightmares Alexis has been having.
And that's a wrap. Chapter 8 is over, and Chapter 9 will begin next week. As a warning, however, Chapter 9 is... a bit dark...
I hope this doesn't sound too odd... but having seen George throughout the whole comic now, always wearing either her hoodie or her tropical shirt... re-reading through the comic and seeing her here... She feels really naked here haha, even if she really isn't naked.
@Pokemontrainergigi: It doesn't matter to me, Tbh. Both names are mine anyway. Emily is just my irl name, while SureenInk is what I go as online more often as lately.
@Cave: haha, that's understandable. So expect fanservice, but there's not going to be anything really sexual in the comic, then. Well, I'll still look forward to seeing as many of the girls naked in your comics as you show hehe
Huh... Don't know how I missed this page going up. Ah well. She looks amazing in the bath <3 Wonder how much more nudity there will be or how sexy the comic will get. (If this posts twice, sorry. It looked like it didn't post the first time.)
@PJSam: Yeap, she's naked. She just woke up in the morning, so she hasn't dressed yet.

@Zelkova: haha, not all of us do. Emily here wears as little as possible to begin with (she is usually dressed in a halter top with a low front and a mini skirt). When she's somewhere private or has the ability to not wear clothes, she does so. She's pretty much a nudist when possible, thus she sleeps nude, too.
Found this today, read through the entire archive already haha Enjoying the comic, always glad to see more LGBT type comics ^^
Lol, she's just walking around naked without a care. Love it.

(Though, it's funny that she's naked, and their focus is entirely on her boobs haha)
@TheAbsoluteGodOfFood: Well, I mean, D&D itself might not be pornographic, but D&D isn't just playing pre-written campaigns. If these kids wrote their own thing, it'd be no surprise that they've written a campaign that is really sexy. I mean, they are teenage boys, after all.
Rosalia and Alexis get a little time to chat with each other as we find out that Rosalia has a daughter that also attends Antioch High. I wonder if this daughter will come into play soon?
Ah, that makes sense -nods- Now that I think about it anyway, the people I know who sleep naked are all women, not guys... Guys tend to sleep in boxers. Ah well, a girl can hope, eh? Haha
I know this is a random comment considering the page's content, but... Is he one of those guys that sleeps naked? lol -shot-
And for today's comic... we meet Rosalia, Elisa's girlfriend. Well, I say "meet" for those who haven't yet bought the book that had a special bonus chapter with Rosalia in it, anyway.
Alexis soon realizes just how open Cynthia and Allea both are. How will Alexis react to this new situation?
And now, finally, Alexis, Cynthia, and Allea seem on good terms again. And just as they get on good terms, Cynthia has a slight "accident".
@Aoi: Indeed, Wong is Chinese. Nyoko (Julie's mother) who is Japanese got married to a man sho was Chinese. As such, they have a Chinese last name. Don't worry, we put a lot of care into making sure we were trying to represent Asian society as best as an American and a European can.
After a conversation, Alexis has calmed down and now understands more about what is going on. Can Alexis and Allea continue to be friends even now?