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She looks super cute >w<
@dishuel: Rosalia and Elisa have been dating for quite some time. It just hasn't been covered outside of the Bonus Chapter 1 from the book. It's also where Rosalia initially proposes the idea of getting married. As it was something unique to the book version, though, it's understandable people might not be fully aware of the current goings-on with those two.
Aww, come on, Jenna. Not gonna give your boy something special for Valentine's Day?
Elisa and Alexis have a quick talk about Elisa's feelings of Rosalia and what Rosalia wants. With Alexis' acceptance, will Elisa take the proposal of marriage?
@ZHODY the delfinator: That's something we'll have to find out :3 (I know her orientation, but I like to not say anything until it's said in the comic, as discovering their orientation can be part of a character's arc)
@Hippocampus: Hmm, maybe. I dunno, it seemed like the natural path for her to go down when I wrote it so haha
I have to admit... one of my favorite aspects of this Elite Four member (I legit can't remember any of the Hoenn EF member names) is the fact that she wears a tube top and skirt haha Then again, I got a distinctly more tropical vibe from Hoenn with the less covering outfits from the majority of the cast, and the fact it's one big island. I have no idea if that portion of Japan is actually a tropical environment, though.
@Hippocampus: I mean, considering her daily ritual of being naked unless needing to dress, I'm sure she understands that. Still, she understands people do think of it in the way.I mean, in the special Volume 1 only chapter, she spends the entire chapter naked while spending time with Rosalia so. But yeah, haha
@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: It's a magical girl game, yeah. I don't know if I'd say Battle Royale, but it's basically a battle system like Tales of Vesperia.
@Hippocampus: hehe, well, she is admittedly the artist of the company, but yeah. I think the cast page has her labeled as working in a game dev company haha
Luvina looks cute in that outfit hehe I'm glad to finally be able to convert my many OCs into actual art.
@Hippocampus: Elisa's room has been seen in Chapter 4, actually.
@Fox_Rainbow: haha, I guess it does look a bit like that, doesn't it? She's supposed to be coming out of her bedroom, though.
Ah, the internet... the world's greatest tool for spreading knowledge... and we end up using it like that guy... XD
A few moments later, Elisa has gotten dressed. Alexis is trying out the game that Elisa and her group are working on, only to find quite a few bugs in it.

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@pizzaTotter: -shifty eyes- What do you mean? I totally said they/them -coughs- (Yeah, I edited it to be respectful haha)
hehe, sorry, Jenna, but I couldn't resist :3

But seriously, I dunno why I ended up writing it. I was just sitting here thinking about writing smut... and Jenna and Jim ended up being the characters I ended up using XD
Whelp, seems I'm all caught up. Greatly enjoying this comic. Looking forward to more of it!