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Ah, that makes sense -nods- Now that I think about it anyway, the people I know who sleep naked are all women, not guys... Guys tend to sleep in boxers. Ah well, a girl can hope, eh? Haha
I know this is a random comment considering the page's content, but... Is he one of those guys that sleeps naked? lol -shot-
And for today's comic... we meet Rosalia, Elisa's girlfriend. Well, I say "meet" for those who haven't yet bought the book that had a special bonus chapter with Rosalia in it, anyway.
Alexis soon realizes just how open Cynthia and Allea both are. How will Alexis react to this new situation?
And now, finally, Alexis, Cynthia, and Allea seem on good terms again. And just as they get on good terms, Cynthia has a slight "accident".
@Aoi: Indeed, Wong is Chinese. Nyoko (Julie's mother) who is Japanese got married to a man sho was Chinese. As such, they have a Chinese last name. Don't worry, we put a lot of care into making sure we were trying to represent Asian society as best as an American and a European can.
After a conversation, Alexis has calmed down and now understands more about what is going on. Can Alexis and Allea continue to be friends even now?
Cynthia and Ami continue to fight, but in her anger, she hurts Julie. And from there, their friendship is also hurt.
A few days after Julie and Cynthia meet, Ami discovers that Julie has been hanging around Cynthia and confronts her. A fight breaks out almost immediately.
@mittfh: haha, yeah. Unchained rules get really insane, tbh. If an Unchained fight were real, the whole world would probably explode, but such is the nature of Unchained. Still, if we're talking the regular card game, then yeah. There's still a lot of overpowered monsters. Tiamat there is from the God Wars set... which is pretty much a set involving all of the major deities of the Aleithia Universe as cards.
@Hippocampus: Julie is actually a year younger than Cynthia. Julie and Cynthia both got into high school at the same time because Julie graduated from middle school a year early (this is why, despite being a year apart, Alexis and Julie have some of the same classes). Cynthia was friends with Ami, but she really was only friends with Ami. She barely interacted with anyone else in Ami's family, thus didn't know (or didn't remember) Julie from those interactions.

As for the Wong family. Ami is the second oldest in the family. There's actually a year between each of the Wong children. So, you'd have the oldest at 18, Ami at 17, Julie at 16, then the other two girls at 15 and 14.

(I had originally written all of this info into this comic, but... it seems it was removed in a rewrite, which I didn't notice...)
Ahh, alright. I'll keep an eye out, then. Of course, it'll also depend on what you're fine with drawing, but I'm sure that'll be covered in yhe commission info, too.
@Scar23: Well, while I did just find the comic, I have also looked over the old version of the comic. It looks like the new version has more fanservice, so I'm excited for every extra bit of fanservice that's in the new version <3

And, you do commissions? I can't seem to find your commission info on DA...
Julie and Cynthia spend the next few days together. They start to build a wonderful friendship, and Cynthia begins to have feelings for her new friend. But... what is it that lurks just ahead in the future?
We take another trip back in time to when Cynthia and Julie first arrived in high school. I wonder how their relationship will develop?
@Guest: Well, Cynthia is exaggerating here, to be honest. Still, she has had a good few relationships.
@Scar23: Yay for fan service! (Admittedly, getting the shower scene earlier was pretty great haha) I honestly really like comics that don't mind sexy elements being in them.
Loving the comic so far <3 The main girls are awesome and kinda sexy (they're definitely hot lol). Definitely excited to see more of the comic. (I know the comic is only PG-13, but I am kinda excited for any moments of fanservice of either girls or the main guy)
@Hippocampus: Allea wouldn't really care that Cynthia likes someone else. Don't forget, Cynthia and Allea are in a polygamous relationship because of Allea's orientation. To Allea, liking more than one person is normal.
The argument between Cynthia, Alexis, and Allea continues until... Wait, what just happened?