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See, I always assumed that, based on how things are when you return back in time, you return after Ganondorf has already claimed the Triforce, but before he began his attacks.
I love this one <3 Crystal has always been really sexy to me. I love seeing her naked <3
My USUM character looks super cute in the Ultra Guardian outfit <3 And I love that she's just hugging on Lillie, too hehe
Life of Alexis Perkins Fanart Contest!
What you could win:
1st Place: The ability to be a regular background character in the comic!
2nd Place: The ability to be a background character in an upcoming chapter of Life of Alexis Perkins!
3rd Place: A one time cameo in an upcoming chapter of Life of Alexis Perkins!

How to enter:
Submit fanart of you (or your OC) with any of the LoAP cast members to either my email (in my profile, make sure the subject is "Alexis Perkins Fanart" or I might miss it), through a PM here on SJ before December 1st, 2018 at 12:00 AM EST, or by using the Twitter hashtag #LoAPFanartContest.
Unable to draw? You may write a short 2,000 word (maximum, it can be shorter) story as well as long as it adheres to the rules below!

1. Nothing too sexy. Please keep it PG-13-ish. Mild nudity is okay, but no sex and no visible privates. Remember, the characters are under 18 in this comic.
2. It must contain at least one Life of Alexis Perkins character AND either you or one of your OCs. You may not submit art of just the characters from LoAP, nor of just your OCs. You also may not submit if any characters in the image outside of Life of Alexis Perkins characters do not belong to you. (No fanart with say... Sora from KH, Kari from Digimon, Ash from Pokemon, etc.)
3. The characters must be in a setting that fits the Life of Alexis Perkins universe. (i.e. no art of them in cyberspace, in a fantasy world, etc. Hanging out at the mall, at someone's house - even your OCs, etc. is fine)
4. Your art must be submitted by the deadline. (If it is submitted on December 1st at like... 3AM, I might still allow it, but if it's like... December 3, it won't be counted.)
5. You may draw/write something shippy if you want (you and Alexis, or you and Trevor, etc.), just keep rule 1 in mind if you decide to do so. (Also realize that I have already determined a specific relationship for the main characters, so your ship will not work out in the comic.)

That's it! If something comes up (feel free to ask questions!) I'll edit this post with more info. Otherwise, I hope you all will have fun! (Also, all fanart sent into the contest will be featured here after the contest is over).
@Guest1111119: See, if you had said it like that the first time, that'd have seemed genuine and much more useful... Well, I guess the biggest issue is, obviously, the reliability. Still, as this is a thing that involves helping Ren with art... I'd rather that she dealt with this.
@Guest1111119: "Once a week, my ass" isn't complaining? Could've fooled me -shrugs- Yeah, there's all kinds of programs out there that could help with artwork and such, but I've not used them well enough to try to sit down and make the comic with them. Ren is moving, so we've been on hiatus, once she finishes moving, we'll be back. I was offering for people to come do guest comics and pages and the like, but as no one has accepted the offer, we're just waiting for Ren to get back. I wasn't wanting someone to replace her.
Alexis and Elisa try to share a more intimate moment with each other, but while they talk and hug, Alexis' friends interrupt at every turn. Alexis gets a little annoyed by this, especially since she's still not sober.

Also, updates might be slow through October too. Ren is trying to finish a work on pages, but the hunt for housing is pretty stressful at the moment, and it takes up a lot of her time. I'm sorry we've had a bit of a off time here, but please continue to be patient with us <3
She looks super cute in that outfit <3
I dunno, I'm with Madison on this one. I'd go with Jenna for all the reasons she listed. I mean, I've got no personality, social skills, I'm high maintenance, and have no money or sanity either, so we're a perfect match! (And Jenna loves being naked, which is a plus to me!)
Fanart from someone I didn't even know read my comic, but I've been a big fan of their comic for a while! This was drawn by mandalorianjedi. Here's some links to their stuff:

Comic (very sexy):

That said, once again, we are accepting more fanart! It gives us something to show off during this slow period, AND it's a thing we WILL be continuing even after the slow period is over! So send us your fanart either by PMing it to me here on SJ, or you can email me! Just make sure you put the title as "Alexis Perkins fanart" or I might miss it (and please PM me or leave a comment to tell me you sent it so I can be absolutely sure I know it's in my email). My email is in my profile.
@Guest: I don't know what you mean by "mixed messages" considering it was stated that updates would be spotty until around October at the earliest... and it's September so...
@mandalorianjedi: I didn't seem to get it. I've sent you a PM.
@Guest1111119: I assume you didn't see the comment a few pages back, then, where Ren explained that she was moving and that updates would be slow for a while? I've asked for things from the fans to help, but I know people are busy this time of year, so things have been slow. No need to be mean.
Hmm... seems they're hiding some kind of secret... This could be interesting.
@mandalorianjedi: Well, I mean... I found this comic looking for sexy comics with nudity haha So yeah, I'm pretty interested in moments like these.
@Plasmarift: Which comic number is it? That's the easiest way to find it. Oh wait, it's 202 and 208. Though, those are technically side comics and not "story related". Though, they are both drawn by Hatton so.
@Plasmarift: Hmm, can't find the second, but yeah, I did find the first. I don't remember that one, but it's obviously there haha I do love when this comic gets really sexy <3 Here's hoping for more nude Jenna in the future!
Wait, is this the first time we've actually seen Jenna naked like this? I legit can't remember another time in the comic where she's been completely naked (not in fanart I mean). It's definitely fun to see her like this <3
So, here's something new I want to do. Since we've only been updating once a week, I want to do what some other comics are doing and start uploading fanart to the comic. That said, if you guys have fanart, please feel free to send it to me over on Twitter: SureenInk. Also... I'm not sure of Anne's SJ or anything, so Anne, please feel free to post that stuff in the comments below.
Alexis awakens to see Elisa. She breaks down and admits what's been going on. Not only was she drunk now, but this isn't the first time she's tried dipping into alcohol to solve the issue.