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@CuteDress&TwinPonytails and @Fox_Rainbow: If either of you want to try some guest comics, feel free to! I mean, I'd love to see either of you come up with some kind of small story around the characters we could run while Ren is on hiatus here. Then we'd have a constant flow of pages, and Ren would be able to build a buffer instead of me posting the pages as soon as I get them.
Gloves, though? I mean, honestly, Jenna. You don't wear any clothes to begin with... Not sure why you'd need gloves -shot- (this is a joke btw)
@Guest: Oh, huh... so he is. I didn't notice that. Ah well.
@Dan Genesis: I don't think Rudy is. It's just his hand there in view as the die rolls in front of him. That said, it depends on the edition of D&D they're playing. In 5e (which I play), only attack rolls gain a nat 1 or nat 20 property. Everything else is a number. A roll of 1 can succeed if the modifier is high enough, just as a 20 can fail if the modifier is low enough. That said, a 1 or 20 on a death saving throw is also bad. A 20 on a death saving throw has you up back at 1 HP automatically, whereas a 1 counts as two fails on death instead of only one. There is no modifier used for death throws. It's just a d20.
@Hippocampus: Huh... whoops... I'll have Ren fix that on the old page and swap the arm and leg Alexis mentions around. I think we just got things backwards.
@Kyle: Ahh, that's cool. Yeah, Julie knows English, Chinese, and Japanese. She's better with Chinese and Japanese then she is with English. If you were to hear her voice (I might have a surprise on that soon), you'd hear she has a pretty thick accent.

Well, this is the same Alison that Rosalia from chapter 8 mentioned. I can point you back to page 8-23:

Rosalia mentions that her daughter was "born that way". That said, Alison is not only missing an arm, but also a leg. Her pants and shoe just hide it well enough.
@Hippocampus: Polyglot? That's not a term I've heard before.
Alison offers her overshirt to Julie so she doesn't have to wear her puked-on shirt. Meanwhile, Alison and Julie have a small conversation while in the bathroom as Julie changes. I wonder how Alexis is doing during all of this?
Oh my, Middy doesn't know what a bra is? Well, I guess we know what she doesn't wear then haha
A few moments later, after our characters have gotten Alexis to the Nurse's office, Nurse Greenwood contacts Elisa to let her know of the news. Unfortunately, Alexis ends up vomiting from the alcohol... and not just on the floor, but all over Julie's favorite outfit.

As a warning, pages might start to come out slow (or we might take a hiatus) for a bit. Ren is in the midst of some serious real life changes that may occur over the course of the next three months, and as such, she may be producing pages a bit slower (or may have to stop production entirely). We will announce more on this as Ren discovers what has to happen.
@Pokemontrainergigi: Alrighty. Well, here is where I have all of my universe's information. I'm... not good at wiki editing or anything, so it's really blank...

In particular, the races and their rules can be found here. Just click on the name of the race and it'll take you to the rules for them:
The best part about this is that not only do I have a reference for Konaku, but also for the entire Skarn race. I can show this off and be like "This is what a skarn looks like" and I can have even more drawn. So it's really nice having an image of a... relatively unique race (considering they are based off Gorons from Zelda but aren't).

On a side note, I actually have a set of D&D 5th edition rules for this race, but I don't want to post links here without permission. I'm not sure anyone who reads this art dump is into D&D anyway XD
@Kyle: As Hippocampus said, all of the clues are there. Alexis has reached a point where she attempted to drink to get rid of the nightmares, but as she has discovered today, it really hasn't helped. There will be more to this in the coming pages when Alexis explains it all. But, yes, the idea of having Alexis trying to hide/escape her pain by drinking was a subject I wanted to hit on, considering the pain she's gone through in her life.

I was actually quite concerned that people might think the way Alexis is acting to be out of character for her, and thus I tried to throw in as many clues to the idea that she could be drunk as I possibly could without outright saying it (I wanted to save the reveal for this point in the chapter). Still, I apparently didn't hint at it enough as I did get a comment about it being unrealistic in the end. But yes, the way she's been acting all chapter is 100% entirely due to her being drunk. Hence why she's been cursing a LOT more then normal in this chapter, clearly was put off by Elisa trying to touch her, and even got violent when her friends refused to leave her alone.
At long last, the alcohol has run its course. Alexis soon finds the world spinning before she passes out. But what could have driven Alexis to get so drunk?
@Hippocampus: Actually, considering her current state, the punch was really quite painless as she had little strength to throw into it.
Introducing Alison! This is the first page where we officially see Alison, though she technically was in an earlier page (rather, we had a stand-in and we just recycled that design into Alison. So, technically, this is the first page Alison was in that I scripted as being Alison haha).

Alexis really seems out of sorts as she runs away from Trevor. Running through the halls, Julie and Alison catch view of her as she runs past. Concerned, Julie follows behind to witness Alexis fall. Alexis really seems out of it today, doesn't she?
Alexis rests in her classroom, but her nightmares only return. Trevor attempts to help her, but much to his surprise, she attacks him.
@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: Well, she did have a pretty nasty nightmare about being beat to death. That said, there's... a bit more to it then you might think. I'm actually a little concerned people might think Alexis is really out of character for a bit of this chapter until it's revealed why haha But yeah, there definitely does seem to be something wrong with Alexis today, something more than usual.
@Zelkova: Honestly, she really doesn't have to worry too much about that. Her tails vanish when she goes into her shapeshift form (the human form seen in the image). Due to Kitsune's being hunted because people believe their tails have magical properties, most Kitsune tend to stay in their shapeshift forms unless in their own villages. Even amongst the people she works with (known as the Council of Magic, of which Lynaene from an earlier image is part of), she tends to stay in her shapeshifted form. Part of this is because she doesn't want people knowing she's a kitsune (the other Council members do know she is one, but not most of the people under them) from fear of being hunted by them.

That said... when she isn't in her shapeshift form, she still doesn't have to worry too much about her tails tangling up. It's not like hair where you can't control it and it just kind of bunches up randomly. She has full control over each of her tails as if they were limbs, so she can just keep her tails in check because of that. That said, you'll also notice this kitsune only has 8 tails and not 9. While she might be the ruler of her kingdom, she's not the oldest kitsune out there, so she hasn't yet gotten all of her tails. That said, kitsune usually have 9 tails no earlier then about 60 years of age, and also do not start growing their second, third, etc. tails till they reach adulthood at 16.
@Pokemontrainergigi: Well, that's good to hear. It looks super complicated to me so XD