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@Guest: of course. Wizards is a trading card game built on the idea of buying decks, boosters, etc. to make decks unique to the person.
@Hippocampus: Jeniffer Seaborn was the main character of my old comic, Changing Stone. If you read that, then that's why you'd know the name.
We get a small look at some of the different kinds of starter decks and boosters for Wizards. But for someone who has never played before, Julie seems a little unsure of what any of it means.
After seeing just how much Wizards means to Alexis, Julie decides to try to get into the game. But is she doing this out of a genuine, new-found interest in the game? Or does she have a secret ulterior motive?
@guest: haha, that's understandable. Well, if we get to continue passed chapter 11, maybe we'll get into the whole deal with Alexis and what exactly she's interested in.
@guest: It's true that Alexis doesn't seem interested in Julie in that way. When it comes to romance, though, even Alexis isn't sure what or who she would like. Sure, she did date Allea once, but it's clear that Alexis is just too unsure of her own feelings to try for a relationship, especially with a girl who is strictly polygamous like her aunt. It does make me wonder, though. What do you think Alexis' type would be?
@guest: It's a good question, actually. One I had planned to handle later in the comic. It's one that could still be handled if someone would like to take over drawing the comic when this chapter comes to an end.

But I agree. Whatever it is that Julie is going through, whatever her "condition" is (I know what it is, of course), must be something pretty major, or at least in her mind. I mean, Alison here says that Julie isn't dying, she has a whole life ahead of her. But what could make Julie act like this?
I love that somber sort of depressed look. After all the oppression she faces for being psionic in a world of magic, it's definitely going to get to her.
@Cave: hehe, indeed, especially when they're short enough that the girl bending over shows off what's underneath -shot-
Catalina's skirt is really short, I love it <3 Sexy girls are best girls <3
@guest: Her name is Juri Wong, as we see in Chapter 1 and this chapter when Aimi is talking to her. However, due to the way Japanese pronunciation is, her name would sound like "Julie". Most of the characters, in turn, call her "Julie". When it comes to me typing out her name... I'm just a bit inconsistent cause of the fact that they're technically both correct. (Also, the name "Juri" came about later on when I designed the rest of her family, so the first few chapters she was actually "Julie" and I only recently - like, within like a year - changed her name)
After a moment to calm down, Julie returns to meet with Alexis. It's in this moment Julie realizes just how much this game really means to Alexis. I wonder what Julie is thinking now?

Also, I just realized I forgot to fix this page in my editing of earlier chapter scripts... She's getting the Ortris card here, but it's supposed to be Emos... Whoops...
Julie and Alison continue their conversation, but when Alison tries to comfort Julie, Julie instead snaps at her. It seems like something has driven Julie deep into depression.
@J-Master: As I still want to continue this comic if I can find another artist, I don't really want to reveal it yet. If it appears that there is no hope of this comic continuing, I'll go in and reveal the plans I had throughout the rest of the comic.

@Crystal and @guest: It's like Hippocampus says, Juri's family is a bit too conservative. If Juri was intersex, they'd have had something done when she was young to modify her body to one gender. Also, it seems like this must be a new development, as this condition of hers is not something she dealt with as a kid.
@J-Master: There is indeed.
@Fox_Rainbow: This also isn't the first time Julie has outed Alexis in some manner either against Alexis' will.
@Fox_Rainbow: It's more like... Julie is revealing that Alexis is her old friend Alexander.
Aww, too cute >w<
@Hippocampus: There's something a bit more than that, and Alison knows Julie too well not to know that something is amiss. I wonder what the next comic will reveal?
@FallingStar: Trevor has a pig deck with similar effects.