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@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: At the moment, no. But if I can finalize somestuff, it might.
Ahh, that's my favorite top from Sun and Moon <3 I had that through my entire playthrough (or rather, from the moment I was able to purchase it). Well, mine was the white one, which I then dyed pink, but it's still the same top so <3
@ZHODY the delfinator: Oh, interesting. Didn't know the Pokemon TCG had restrictions. Well, you'll find out more about the ruleset next page ^^
@ZHODY the delfinator: I honestly don't understand what that means ^^"
Emos, the Keeper of Law! She is one of the six Creator Gods in Versumi history. She is known for keeping the universe in perfect balance, as her weapon, the Scales of Judgement, are being used for here. When Karok, the God of Death, attempted to bring about terrible death on Versumi, she struck him down. However, life cannot exist without death, and so she did not kill him.
An explanation of what the Unchained ruleset is. That said, we get to see a newly updated version of the Wizards cards! This one is Tiamat, the Dragon Mother. Interesting fact: Tiamat from Versumi is not like the Tiamat most know from D&D. In Versumi, the dragons were originally only the five metallic dragon tribes, with Tiamat being the mother. She was the only dragon that could bear eggs. Because of this, Tiamat herself was a metallic dragon as well. When the corruption of the dragons happened, several tribes, including Tiamat, lost their luster and their scales became sharp and chromatic until they had become the chromatic dragons. This version of Tiamat is the uncorrupted Tiamat.
Trevor invites Alexis to a Wizards Tournament! But... wait... Unchained? What exactly is Unchained?
And so we begin a new chapter! I can only wonder what this chapter will be about.
@ukekitsu: Hehe, well,I'll be excited for it to continue and finish, though I'll admit it's possible that I have as big of a fondness as I do because of the strapless outfit she wears, though lol I really love girls in strapless or halter outfits <3
LOL "I don't have the strength to throw a punch" "That's the only reason you didn't beat me?!" XD That made me die.
Yay, it's back! I'm excited to see this comic continue again =D
@Hippocampus: I would like to make it a real thing, yes.
@Hippocampus: It was, actually =D
And so, we reach an end to the 7th chapter. What will occur now? How will Allea help Alexis? All this and more in the next chapter.
Cynthia enjoys her reputation as a bully. This makes her able to defend Allea at every turn.
Allea learns more about herself and Cynthia, madly in love, follows along with the things Allea likes. At long last, we've finally come full circle back to the present day... or have we?
In the end, Allea and Cynthia manage to work out their feelings and return to being friends and lovers. And now Allea knows even more about herself than she first did.
Allea realizes what she is, but can her and Cynthia's relationship take this new strain? Or will the two fall apart and separate?
... All right, I'm just being dramatic, it's pretty obvious since this is a flashback.
Cynthia and Allea grow close, very close. In the end, the two end up having an intimate moment together.