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@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: We're sitting on a full chapter of buffer right now lol Running through August will only use half that buffer.
Gail really looks kinda sexy with her hair and one strap down like that. I've always thought she was really pretty, though. She's probably the best looking character in the comic in my opinion.

... I must resist the urge to make any comments on Gail and shower scenes after she mentions going to get a shower on this page lol
@Guest: Well, I mean, I guess "bitch turning out to be a good person" is kind of a trope nowadays. Still, it's not called a "trope" for no reason. A lot of stories use it, but that's cause it works.
Allea and Cynthia convene in the bathroom, where Cynthia makes sure it's empty before they talk. But wait, what is this that Allea wants from Cynthia?
Allea confuses Cynthia's out-ness for bravery, but discovers that she was outted by the one she thought was a friend. Yet, Allea has something to say on the matter, but what is it? Cynthia wants to be sure it's said privately, not in the open.
And now, the infamous meeting between Cynthia and Allea. Just like Allea said in chapter 2, she fell on Cynthia the first day that they met.
My favorite part of this comic: The art style is super simple, almost comicy, looks adorable, etc. Then suddenly you get one panel with a suddenly vastly different art style making the character looks super gorgeous, super sexy, or something of the like. Very detailed is the words I'm looking for.
Did you know I've published an actual novel now? It's up on Lulu.com, and I'd love it if you guys could check it out and either purchase it, or help share it out to people you know! Here's a link for the novel. And yes, that cover art was drawn by Renske =D
And so we learn that Ami is a very conservative person, at least when it comes to homosexuality. I wonder what she'd think of transexuality? Hmm... Alexis, you might want to watch out for her...
And we go back in time a few years, when Cynthia was still young. She was... friends with Ami? That's curious. I wonder what hap- Oh... that can't be a good reaction...
And now, dressed and ready to go, Cynthia heads down the stairs of her house, right in time to begin a flashback! And... wait... Cynthia doesn't actually LIKE being sexy and showing off her body? In fact, it makes her uncomfortable? That seems a bit odd to me... Isn't she always acting so haughty and sexy?

Also, we have a special treat for all of you! Ren has been hard at work since we finished the book, and we have quite a buffer going on now. As it stands, throughout the month of August we will be updating twice a week. That's right, every Monday and Friday in August will have an update. Will this become the new standard for updates? We'll see after August, but we're currently only planning for August to do it.
Cynthia decides to laze about on her towel, instead of re-wrapping it around her. Truthfully, this is Cynthia's personality. When she's at home, especially in her room, she has no real issues with being naked, even if others are around (and she especially loves it while Allea is around). Of course, Cynthia wouldn't just walk around in public or around her actual house naked... would she?

On a related note from the previous page, this is again part of why we were debating it. Having a scene where Cynthia is going to just sit around naked was like "We're going to have to find some creative way to cover this up, but still make it feel like she's just sitting around naturally, enjoying being naked".
Allea and Cynthia get into a bit of a heated argument at first. So heated, Cynthia doesn't really pay attention to what she's doing and accidentally loses her towel.

On a side note, this is one reason why I was debating the idea of upping the comic to an R-rated comic. This won't be our only scene where people are going to be naked, and Renske and I really debated on the idea of just allowing full upper-body nudity. For possible legal reasons, though, we decided to ere on the side of safety, though, by keeping things covered. Still, butts aren't bad, so... have some nice Cynthia butt, I guess?
And we start off the chapter with Cynthia fresh out of the shower. She finds her phone ringing as she enters her room. I wonder who this Casey guy is that she seems to hate so much? And... wait... did she say "Allea"?
And so, we begin a new chapter. This one appears to have a bit of a focus on Cynthia and Allea. I wonder what we'll learn about them in this chapter?
Another gift I had drawn up. I purposefully hid both gifts from the person I was getting it made for, so neither would know. Whereas I felt like the gift for Jaclyn did fall a bit short, as I couldn't find much to say, I had much more to say here to Renske. I can't even begin to state just how much Renske has been a huge help to me in the comic. Even after she left from drawing, she continued to read the scripts and give her insight. She even talked me out of a few things. I really don't think Renske fully realizes the impact she's had on me over the course of the 5 years we've worked together. Without her, I'm not even sure I'd be alive, let alone continuing to work on the comic. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Renske, for all you've done and are still doing. I hope we can continue to make Alexis an amazing comic in the future years!

And hey, if you guys, our readers, have anything to say to Ren, now is the perfect chance. Let's all give Renske a big thanks, because without her, this comic wouldn't exist at all.
Actually, your statement that it "doesn't add anything" is false. As you said, it gives the vibe "cute people are cute". Essentially, what this page adds to the story is that normal people are normal and have normal interactions. These comic people aren't only talking and saying things that build up a story. Instead, they're talking and saying things that, quite simply, make them more real and natural. Too many comics focus just on "what adds to the story" that the comics end up with very robotic and unnatural characters because the only time they are shown or talk are scenes where they say something of importance. In reality, all talk is important, because characters should be believable and interesting, and the only way to show that is to show a very natural conversation that isn't there to "add to the story" or "give something new to the reader".

Simply put, having pages like this IS adding to the story by showing these characters being realistic and natural characters.
And so, we come to the end of chapter 6, and thus the end of the day. Alexis and Julie will now take a good night's sleep. I wonder what awaits them in the next day.
@sunspark: Yeap. It might make a comeback if I can find an artist for it, but it'll also involve a rewrite, so all the current pages would be removed. But, I've left that task for when, or if, I find an artist to work on it.
@sunspark: This was the comic Ren and I did before Alexis. There are several instances of crossover characters between the two because of this. Both comics even occur in Antioch.