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@mandalorianjedi: Considering her choice in attire, that makes sense that she doesn't wear one. She also isn't overly busty, so I think she could get away with it without many issues. I'll have to keep this in mind if I ever write anymore smut with her haha
This might be totally inappropriate for this page... for some reason, this got me thinking what kind of underwear Jenna wears... like... is she the kind that prefers cute stuff, sexy stuff, does she focus on functionality or look, does she even wear a bra? I actually don't think we've seen her take off her clothes (save the one scene she was giving Jim a lap dance)... Just seen moments where she's got sexy clothes or nothing at all...
@FallingStar: I don't think these three would be comfortable with that haha (Elisa wouldn't care at all, though)
I'm guessing Miyasako is scared of thunderstorms? Usually a character going pale white is a sign of fear.
Lol, considering how she was pushing for Jenna to get it on, I'm not surprised that the moment she found someone, she wanted to get it on with them.
It seems that Julie is hiding something, but what? Doesn't seem either Trevor or Alexis realize, though.
Our trio has a small conversation about modesty and Elisa's lack thereof.
That panel with her playing her 'non-descript gaming device' is definitely very cute. Honestly, one of the best drawn panels you've done so far in this comic. Miyasako is one of my favorites, though, if for no other reason than the fact she wears glasses haha (I'm sure there's more reasons than just that, though)
@pipipipi: haha, ah well, I can still dream about seeing Pi in something sexy -shot-
@mandalorianjedi: haha, sexy isn't a problem, it's just the compensation that would be... I'm out of a job (possibly permanently due to the possibility of having Fibromyalgia) so... no income haha
Lol, I'm guessing Jenna and her boy are getting it on off panel.
Eh... depends on a lot of things, tbh. I mean, nothing is shown here, so I don't see anything wrong with it. But then, my comic has done far worse than just showing a little bit of bare back on a girl haha
As Julie attempts to question Trevor, Elisa opens the door, but then realizes the two are there. Perhaps she should have gotten dressed before going to check the mail, though.
Julie and Trevor arrive at Alexis' house for the tournament, but Trevor seems to be acting weird. I wonder what's up with him.
Yay, swimsuits!
Julie dresses and rushes out of the house, but why is she so interested suddenly in the Wizards tournament?
Julie is sitting at home looking at her old yearbook when Ami comes in. Seems it's a bit later than Julie expected, so she's late to get going to see her friends.
@Hippocampus: This chapter is one I was really excited to get to. I'm glad we at least got to finish this one before moving onto another project.
That's definitely not a term I've heard before, but the context was pretty clear, so I guessed that was what it meant.
I mean... I wouldn't mind if she wasn't wearing anything at all -shot-