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It's unfortunate when a "lucky person" is one who dies quickly instead of surviving... But, I suppose that's how war is.
@ZHODY the delfinator: Adrian is 6'3". He's easily the tallest character in the comic right now haha (probably ever too). So yeah, he's tall. Elisa is 5'8" and Alexis is 5'6" tall so. He's almost a foot taller than Alexis.
Adrian reveals he no longer has a boyfriend. Instead, he has a fiancee! I wonder when the two of them will get married?
I mean, let's be honest, Shion and Moon are both pretty hot. It'd make sense for them to get together haha I don't know who to ship Shion with, though.
No one's too old to dress up if you're a girl and wearing something sexy.
Elisa and Adrian hug and chat, but it seems Adrian might have some bad news about his boyfriend...
@Guest: Nope, nothing like that.
@Guest: Oh yes. Her brother has been shown as being a very supportive person to Alexis.
@Guest: No... we struggled hard enough already just to figure out a name for the comic to begin with...
@ZHODY the delfinator: Oh! Haha, no no, definitely nothing like that at all.
@ZHODY the delfinator: I have no idea as I've never heard of Sleepless Domain. However, the comic was inspired mostly by a manga called Tokyo Mew Mew.
@00Stevo: -nods- alrighty. Actually, just adding a "will" between I and do so it's "But I will do most of the work" fixes it perfectly.
@Tooniator: Expected release date was supposed to be around now, but Ren has gotten super busy with an unexpected sudden move and a multitude of other things. So, it's been slow going for making the comic. Don't worry, the moment we have something to announce about HoS, we'll put up an announcement here.
"Actually, I wouldn't mind some, thanks mum. But I do most of the work." It has me a bit confused... is she saying she wants help but she wants to do most of the work? Or is she saying she wants help and she already did most of the work? So, either "Thanks, mum, I wouldn't mind some help, but let me do most of the work." or "I wouldn't mind some help. Thanks, mum, though I've done most of the work already." Hope that helps ^^
Eh... they can just get into a poly relationship -shot-
@Zensunni: It's true, Alexis was more her real self around Julie when they were children. Will this end in a healthy way, or some other way? Only time will tell as we continue onto with the story.
@Hippocampus: I felt that having the Wizards games actually played out would slow the chapter down a lot. Not only that, but the game isn't really fleshed out, as there's not been much of a use doing so.
@Hippocampus: Alison is mostly peeved at how Julie abandoned her earlier.

Yeah, I've only done it for this and the previous page. At the moment, I don't have any plans to re-use this technique, but we'll have to wait and see.
Dragons are aliens, I kinda love that take on this haha
Not to bring this comic down, but since it's already on the topic, I felt as though I might give my own thoughts on this topic. If it bothers you, feel free to delete this comment.

As someone who also deals with depression and has also been in a very gray position of her own life, I completely understand both Ashley and Chris here. While I am definitely more on Ashley's side in not having attempted suicide, I have had many near attempts. I've held a knife in my hand towards my wrists and thought "I could end it all now."

Every time suicide comes to my mind, I always think about how others will react to it. I think "Will my family actually care?" Well, I know they would, but not that it was me who died. As someone who is trans but is currently unable to transition, my parents believe I am their son, but truthfully, I am not. They would cry and mourn the passing of their son, but that's not who would die.

I wonder... is there a way to do it where my parents wouldn't discover it for a long time? Could I spare them the pain in some way? There's so many things that come to my mind, and for that, I'm glad. It has kept me alive all this time. My life has not fallen completely gray. I hope day after day that somehow something will happen to bring color into my life again, but the further into this I fall, the grayer the world becomes. Things that gave joy and color and life have been slowly fading.

I'm not asking for pity, or for help, or anything of that sort. These pages just... made me think about that is all... Heck, I'm not even posting anything inspirational to try to help people. Just sort of... recounting my feelings... and hoping other people don't have to feel that way. I don't know. I'm not even sure if this comment was worth making.