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haha, nice, I love it. I must have missed when you submitted it, as this is the first time I've seen it. No big deal, though. I'll get it added as an entry.
hehe, one thing I love about Thalia is her use of mana guns. At the time, they weren't a thing anyone knew about or understood, yet this little 9 year old girl with no memory has them and knows how to use them. It really begs the question who she actually is. Of course, that's a thing I won't reveal until later in the story hehe
I see what she did there haha
And now, we branch away from Alexis' family for a bit as I bring you Alexis' childhood friend, Juri Wong. Now, if only people would realize they're saying her name wrong.
The brother of our main character, a man who will be showing up in the comic pretty soon, here is Adrian Perkins.
The aunt of our main character, related via being the sister of her father, here is Elisa Perkins.
To give Ren a chance to build a bit of a buffer, and to give her the chance to draw some reference images of her own for the characters, I had her draw out all of the characters in a height chart. I will be sharing all of the current and some of the future cast with you all in this manner. I will be uploading one of these every Monday and Friday throughout December. From there, I will likely continue to upload these on Fridays throughout January and beyond until I have uploaded all of them (I have 21 to show you guys haha). Meanwhile, regular weekly updates will be on Mondays come January (hopefully). As December tends to be quite a busy month, I'm not sure how many pages Ren will be able to draw, which is one reason I've decided to go about this route so she can have a chance to build the buffer up, and if she's unable, we won't suddenly poof away for a month or so.

That said, this is the first of our cast, the girl who the comic is named after: Alexis Perkins herself.

(In case anyone wonders about the odd cut, Ren basically sent me one big file with everyone on it, so some of the characters can't be cut out without bits of others showing up.)
@mandalorianjedi: Whoops, must have missed to edit somewhere. I'll check that. Yeah, since we've only had 2 entries, I've extended the due date.
@Jamie59: They're close enough in age to bang, she's had very vivid dreams of them banging, she's been freaked out about the possibility of being a pedophile, and now that she no longer has that weighing on her, there's still that lingering concern. "I really don't want to be with him cause he's so young, but maybe I secretly do? And it is okay, so now I'm freaking out over this and I don't know what to do!" ... Nothing seems confusing to me about this situation?
@mandalorianjedi: haha, see, I would actually agree with you myself XD But just like... no nudity. Dress them in sexy outfits and all, have them wear as little as you want, as long as nothing's showing really. Basically, keep it censored haha
Funny enough, while American law the age of consent is 18, in North Carolina (the state I live in), the age is 16 as long as the person is no older than 20. So very similar laws.

Does this mean Jenna and... the boy whose name I apparently can't remember... can get it on? 8D -shot-
And we end off this chapter on... an unfortunately sour note. As depression sets in on poor Alexis, she feels that age old feeling of complete and total worthlessness. What will Alexis and Elisa do about this situation? How will these continued nightmares continue to affect Alexis in the future? What are your thoughts on all the things Alexis has gone through?

On a side note, I have decided to extend the Fanart Contest out till the 15th, as we have only received two entries as of yet. If you wish to join, but have not had a chance to work on something, let me know. I can extend the deadline further if need be, but I won't do so if it seems there is no interest.

Also! If anyone has had any interest in buying Volume 1 of the comic, is doing a 1 day sale. Use coupon code CM35 to get 35% off. This is only TODAY (as in, the 26th), so get it while you can!
Considering the previous storyline with these characters... Her mom is gonna be all "Oh sweet, you two have fun" and move on, cause she literally told Jenna to "slut herself up" before haha
We get a good glimpse of just how blunt Alison can really be. As well, it's time for everyone to return to class while Alexis and Elisa get a chance to talk. Tell me what you think of Alison so far now that you've gotten a chance to see her.
Aww, and here I was looking forward to her naked dance haha Ah well. (previous page still says naked dance, btw)
Two updates in a row? Does that mean we're officially back? That's currently the plan. We'll see how things progress, but at the moment, yes, Ren is officially moved in and is currently trying to get back to one page a week.

Meanwhile, Alexis and Alison finally have a chance to chat with one another. How will things go between these two?
@Fox_Rainbow:Whatever form of medium you need is good ^^
I have to regularly do full comic re-reads of my own comic because of how much I keep forgetting haha