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Hooray for filler!
I made this in about 5 minutes. I even scripted it beforehand (not that I really needed to); you can see part of the script showing through the page in panel 1. It's fun when I get to draw.
There's a Reason I'm Not the Artist
Isn't panel 6 the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? I really love the new direction the art style is taking.

I actually drew the last three panels, since yuki-san didn't have them done, but then he went ahead and drew panels 4 and 5. He left 6 though. It's just too awesome.

Also, panel 6 color splotch courtesy of my lunch (it was delicious, thanks for asking).
Woah is Right
Yeah I remember yuki-san showing me this comic about five or six different times through two or three versions and various states of finish-ment (I know that's not a word). But I have to say, it turned out really well.

In case anyone's forgotten the character names, there's Nick (the sad one), Luc (the happy guy), and Ayumi (in the car).
Nick and Luc walk home from school since they live pretty close by. Ayumi can drive and has a really nice car.

We've decided to divide the comic into segments, something like small chapters. This segment is close to wrapping up, then we'll move on to a new sub-plot.
Selena's a Little Bit of a Ditz
We're going to try to get a backlog of comics in case anything comes up and we don't have time for a comic, so I'm actually working on the next comic's script now instead of at the last minute.
In case you missed it, the new character's name is Chris. In case you were wondering, he's not referring to anyone female in panel 2. He's a pretty cool guy. Him and Selena are long time friends.
Budget Comic
Yeah, this comic would have been here sooner but school happened. We should be keeping a regular schedule though.
In case panel 2 is a little unclear, Nick was speaking and got cut off by Selena. The comic goes right to left mostly.
Learning constantly...
Being the script writer, I'm not in charge of posting the comic, so I had no idea we could add ALT text to the comic. Just found out when my mouse hovered over our comic! Totally blew my mind.

The new girl in today's comic is Ayumi; she's friends with Nick and Luc. The three of them hang out together frequently.
First comic!
It's really amazing to see that people have already favorited our comic within minutes of it being posted. Makes me so happy.

I've always wanted to work on a webcomic, especially since I used to read so many myself.

I know I'll have a ton of fun working on this with yuki-san, so I hope you guys enjoy reading!