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I'm just your typical teenage artist, like to draw and I like to be creative. I'm still a student, so I guess that's my "occupation."
As far as likes/hobbies, I like to draw, and its my #1 hobby. I've been drawing for 8 years now, and I've come a very long way, and I hope to keep my passion alive for the rest of my life. I also play music, both saxophone and guitar (primarily bass, but I'm learning guitar too), and I'm in a band with some of my other friends. I love japanese food and everything about japan, which explains my style of art to a degree, and I plan to travel to Japan as soon as I am able.
Pizzicato Five
Please let me know how we could work together, you being a big-time musical group and all
Don't Worry
Worry not people, "pt.1" doesn't mean that theres going to be a lot of filler coming up. I'm just going to say "pt. _" whenever theres filler. This next comic is a lot of work, so I wasn't able to get it done this week, but it will be up next week, so you can look forward to it.

This filler is brought to you by my wonderful cohort, Shijie.
Not to worry...
I'm not really sure why everyone is so worried about him killing himself. He's not going to. Dont worry about it...
"Zut" is french for "heck" or "darn." Does nobody realize that this isnt the newest comic? Theres a new one up, go check that one out...
It's not just you
It's also not just on panel 5. Look a little closer at panel 2 as well. I guess maybe they are a bit too hard to see at a smaller size, but I did draw faces on some of the bowling balls.
More New Things
Yup, this comic is even more of a change than the last one, imagine that. Shijie and I decided to pursue a more mature art style with the comic, so this is what presents itself. This is actually my real style of drawing, so I hope you all like it!
As for the darkness in the comic, its symbolic. Nick is kind of depressed because he's given up on ever hooking up with Selena, but, as you can see from the expressive lighting, he obviously still has feelings for her.

In addition, you should all be aware of some more changes that are going to take place. Due to necessity, this comic may no longer be able to update every week anymore. Instead, you can expect a comic every 1-2 weeks. This basically means that its at my discretion. The time period all depends on how complex the comic is, how much work I have, that sort of thing. But I can also promise you that with the longer period of waiting comes a bonus, even better quality comics! Sadly I can't promise too much of a boost in drawing quality, seeing as this is my style at the moment (it'll get better over time, trust me), but more of a boost in coloring quality, so you can look forward to that.

Sorry for talking your eyes off, but I just wanted to make sure you all are aware of how things are going to happen around here for your sakes and mine (no angry hate-mail spam in my PM box :D )

Thank you and please enjoy.
Ok, I must apologize for another week without color. I know you all look forward to a truly finished work each week, but unfortunately, I dont always have time. Please accept this comic tho, at least there's something posted.
Anyway, hopefully next week will see the return of me rationing my time in a good way, which means color comic for you all, but it may not happen. I promise that something WILL be posted.

Thank you, and good night.
And this matters, why? If you don't have anything better to do than go on random comics and correct spelling errors, maybe you have too much time on your hands.
Woah! is what a lot of you are thinking, right? What happened to the simple little block-color backgrounds? Well, I was talking it over with my partner and we decided that we wanted to take the comic to a higher level of quality, and the result is what you see before you. For as long as I can make it possible, comics will still all be in color, but they are formatted like this one, a little wider and taller, and MUCH more detail.

Now, i dont want to be too sappy or anything, but I've been thinking as I've been working on this week's comic about, well, the comic. I generally quit at things when I'm a little ways in, and I'm pretty amazed that I've managed to get this far in the comic (and we have no intention of stopping), and I came to a realization. The reason that I'm able to get through all the hours of work (trust me, its a TON of work) is all of you. Your support makes it all worth it. You all have no idea how much it means to me that you all are supporting us and cheering us on, and that this comic is something you actually care about. I just want to give a shout out to you all, because you are the ones who really make this possible, and worth it.

Additionally, shout out to Photoshop CS5, because without it, I wouldn't be doing these in color xD

Thanks for everything to all our fans! Please enjoy!
The Color Returns!
So yea, here's to the return of the higher-quality comic! We have a new character in this one, but I'll let my partner give you the details. See if you can figure out anything about him on your own (HINT: panel 2....).
Here at last!
Hey everyone. I'm REALLY sorry about last week's comic not being posted. I've been really busy with school starting back up and all the stuff associated with it. Anyway, this week's comic is in B/W because I didnt have that much time to do it, so please bear with me. I put lots of effort into it tho (I did the black backgrounds with a sharpie), so theres lots of love. This is what you might call a "budget comic." Hopefully, you'll never have to see one of these again, but it may happen, so dont flame me. Anyway, please enjoy, at long last. Also, sorry about the color problems with the last two panels, my scanner is being stupid...
Here you go
Here's the third installment of the Saga or Nick! Maybe thats what we should've called this comic xD Anyway, enjoy! Sorry, if the backgrounds seem a little dull, theres only so many different ways you can make a background out of a 2 colors without standing out too much...
It continues...
Phew! Wasn't sure if I was going to make the deadline today, but I made it! I hope you all enjoy today's comic!

I know it looks like theres a lot (maybe too much) going on in this one, but I'll explain what's happening. This comic is a "photo montage." Basically, each photo represents an attempt made by Nick to talk to Selena. That's why I wrote "attempt 1", "attempt 2", etc. Sorry if it looks like too much is going on, but I didnt know how else to show the passing of time in a stylistic manner.

At any rate, its up, its new, please enjoy!
Oh hey~
Wow, didnt expect to find you here! Thanks for the fav. The comic isnt really based on anything, as far as I know. I'm not the one writing it xD
Alright! After hours of working out the size and drawing and writing and other things, we're finally done! Behold our first comic, in all its glory!

As it will always be, the art is done by yours truly, yuki-san, and the writing is done by my good friend Shijie. This is the first in what we hope to be a long-ongoing comic.

Even though this comic was posted today, on a Thursday, you should expect to see regular installments of HSS every Wednesday from now on, barring any unforeseeable complications.

Please enjoy!

PS, anyone who remembers different names for the authors, fear not, we only deleted our accounts to get new usernames, so its still the same people. Nothing to worry about.