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My name is daniel Kolev (derr..). I moved to the US from Europe. My likes are anime, manga, video games, and critizing the horrible job the government is doing. For hobbies I usually study.. and sometimes draw. I have no occupation yet because I am a bum.
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    Daniel Kolev
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truely, joyous happy shocking times
August 3rd, 2008
always a nice contribution I guess. Usually I would wonder what the elixer would do but I read the synopsis, so I spoiled it for myself, oh well. It weird though (random) usually when I the comic has hand-written font, I cant read it. But I have no problems reading this. So enough chatter. Good job and good luck.
June 10th, 2008
finally, the freaking end of the prologue... now I dont have to draw anything depressing or excessively bloody
June 10th, 2008
wow, this prologue is probably the most "emo" and bloodiest thing in the entire story.
June 9th, 2008
thanks, that really builds up my confidence (no sarcasm)
its been a while since I last visited here, and dang... pretty good job. This is where the action finally begins and Im excited. Keep it up.
what is the super smack bros project?
I think its a good page. Ive noticed that you are shading alot more detailed than before, its a nice improvement. and I thought I had a bad memory...
well he is disappearing, so he wont be there for long.
The "blue" flame thing is pretty much a Character being defeated, as in they are being fazed out of something.
YOu could be, the Legends List just list people who are active at the moment. The only Exception is Darius, who was "legendary" enough to be permanently on the list.
So yea, this is the first page of Solemis's adventure. The guy who looks like a red mage is Atticus. Well as you can guess, Solemis is on a journey to become THE NUMBER ONE "Legend" himself by dueling several Legendary characters of the .HACK world. Atticus is there for the ride, as well as to mock Solemis....

P.S. I wonder if anyone can spot a connection with this page and another page on this site....
this scene is actually really cute... Im afraid that the guy with Max will die though....
finally, a best character! cool design
I really like that city design on the bottom; although I wish that I could see Terror (unless he really was a tornado). Also, is the forty days and forty night thing suppose to be a reference to the Great Flood in Mose's story.
Nice design. I think its pretty cool that there is actually a warlock now, so not everyone is a close range fighter.
To: Appendagechild
Im sorry that I stole the design, if you want I can change it to something entirely different. If it means anything, yours is still better...

Well, I was beat (by Appendagechild). I would like a change in the layout, but I have no skills in that. While I'm out at it, BEST OF LUCK FOR .HACK//COLLAB!
this sounds pretty interesting, so I decided to submit something. Sorry if you get it three times... computer errors.... Anyway, I hope you like it.

If you didn't get the email then here is pretty much was was on it:
Name: Solemis
Job: Blademaster
Guild: no affiliations
Gender: Male

Image link below:
I cant believe that actually worked.... holy crap that was awesome. Although tiny doesnt seem to be heavily fazed...