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Hi, I'm your typical yaoi fangirl who enjoys nothing more then wasting her life away at a computer. And though I'll probably never make a comic I'm just here to fave and comment those wonderful artists out there. Much love yall.
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Oh look, one of those bastardly annoying bug catchers who refuse to let you run. I always hated them whenever I started out in EVERY Pokemon game I played.
February 22nd, 2011
Oh shiz, what is that? I see another face in Hirn's face that I didn't notice before :O
It would be mad hilarious if he came out an said, "I. Am your father."

I will freaking bust a gut.
Dude. I hope that thing doesn't come out and replace him. D:
I'm entranced by those green eyes. Show me more?
He's totally trying to get him drunk, and he's like so falling for it. <3
November 22nd, 2010
Really?! Classes end in the mornings on Wednesdays?! Maybe I should go there. I know enough French to get around >.>
Oh look at those sexy stick people <33
Someone needs to get out of there.

I'm loving this more and more.
kjuhfvfvcx KILL HANNAH <333
GAWD, I love them!
I....seriously need to try that.