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I'm mainly a traditional artist, and my favourite medium is Prismacolor markers. I do most of my comic toning using computones, and the rest is marker.

I enjoy a lot of things, like playing videogames, DDR, deviantart, singing, rugby,and blessed, blessed sleep, which I never get enough of.
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    Randi Brown
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Oh, wow, totally wasn't expecting to win. o.o Cool!
Oh man, I make a point of forcing all American friends who visit to eat poutine at least once. Afterwards, they generally don't want to go home.
Congrats on the job! Also, really looking forward to your appearance on webcomic beacon on Sunday. :) Gonna try and make it to the channel while it's broadcasting.
Hahah, "budgie smuggler" is probably the best slang for a speedo ever. Thanks, Australia. Also, thanks, Rori! =P
Hah, you can use anything I make you as a vote incentive! They're your characters! I finished the second card, but it won't scan well. Imma send you all this crap some time this week.
The best letter~
You know, I don't think I've ever been anywhere when tornado warnings have been in effect. Also, I don't have tv or radio and haven't for like 7 would I even know one was happening? O.O
Oh no! Tsuki, don't say 'pussy' like that! It's misogynistic and the 'womyn' will hunt you down and destroy you! And to anyone reading this comment, please read the above couple of sentences with an eyeroll that is so epic that my eyes explode out of my sockets and spell out 'that's stupid' in blood on a nearby wall.

I'm a woman. Shit like this leaves my mouth on an hourly basis, and the fact that it DOES leave my mouth is not a detriment to my gender's rights. The key is context--am I saying things like 'bleeding vagina' at job interviews? Board meetings? Other inappropriate places? Or am I saying it to my husband or my buddies, who are familiar with my speech patterns?

Is Michelle broadcasting this tirade on live television for all of North America to see, as part of a speech about how we should equate pussy to 'women as a lesser gender'? Or is she talking to someone in her circle of friends who is privy to her rather colourful speech patterns and unlikely to be offended by them?

And in case any of you were on the edges of your seat ready to pounce on this: No, pointing out that the comic itself being so readily available is conveying this message to a larger audience doesn't count.

Here is a newsflash for you: Sometimes, writers write about things that are contrary to their own views, or wouldn't have been delivered the same way coming out of their own mouth. If I write about a character who is a Nazi, does that mean that I'm a Nazi? If I write about a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, does that make me racist or homophobic? If all of your characters exist only to to say things that the writer believes, exactly how they would say them, then it doesn't make a very interesting story, and there's no friction or chemistry--just a lot of the same character wearing different hats and standing on slightly different soapboxes.

So, am I saying that it's NOT misogynistic? Hell no, it totally is. Just not in a context that should affect anyone's delicate sensibilities to the point where they're upset by a comic page on the internet.
Tell him there's no such thing as too many markers--I tried counting mine once and gave up at around the 300 mark. I've got a pretty even split of copics and prismas.

Tell him markers are for winners!
The ship armed Endi with a coffee, so who knows what that gun even does. =)
My plunger has a stainless steel handle. No plunger stigmata for ME!
I STILL haven't seen it. I'll have to correct that when my schedule lightens up a bit.
Hahah, tell him suffering builds character! =D
My iPhone is just as distracting. >_< I feel for you.
No way would it be wrong! I totally get Cory to write everything for me. I like to think of it as resourcefulness. :)
Scene change!
Humans and their curiosity...
This page was many degrees of frustration, but i think I finally found a way to draw Bart that I actually like.
And who could resist a crazy glowing attraction in a convention parking lot? Not I.
Note to self: Try not to make small children cry in public.