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The Man With the Plan. The Man Without the Pants.
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Re: Yonderness
Hey TGS,

Right now we're prepping the existing pages for comixology - getting them into the right format while correcting numerous grammar errors our awesome readers pointed out. But the plan is to eventually finish out this storyline and then move into a mini-series format! I'll keep you all posted - check back here for more details.
Hey Tallrichard65,

Yes, in some shape or form, Blue Yonder will be back. We are currently making the steps to get "Blue Yonder" up on Comixology. We are also planning to eventually release a mini-series about Jared Davenport in this Kid Sparrow identity. But due to unforeseen developments, we've really had to lengthen our timeline, and I'm sorry we've kept you guys in the dark!
Believe me, RAO, no one would love Diego taking the reins of this comic more than me. He's one of my hands-down favorite artists . . . of all time. As of now he's just doing the cover, but we'll see what the future holds. Right now we're kinda buried in the busy-work needed to get the comic up on Comixology.
This Is Not the End
I hope everyone had a nice holiday! "Blue Yonder" is on an extended hiatus for the time being while we get some things figured out. However, I do have some good news - we are working towards putting our comics so far on Comixology, with some new art from the very talented Diego Diaz! We'll post more here when we have more details!
Not necessarily. Jared has training, but it's very specialized. He's used to fighting mostly in the air against super-powerful threats. But his hand-to-hand skills are a bit . . . rusty.
Oops - thanks for catching that SZBNAHL!
Arghh, I noticed that when I was updating. We'll fix it later . . . thanks for pointing it out.
Thanks Lurker and pottsbr - it's very appreciated! It's tough to know how a new artist will sit with the readership, no matter how much you like his work!
Re: update?
Actually . . . -yonder-starts-soon/

We're hoping to roll out the first new page this week, so you won't have to wait long!
Things have been a little quiet on the website, and we do apologize. However, rest assured we have been hard at work! A new artist has been picked, and there should be a new update next week! More information is forthcoming!
I Assure You We're Open
UPDATE: We have selected Diego Diaz's replacement! He's in the process of making some corrections, before starting work on an unfinished page. Expect a new Blue Yonder in a few weeks! Expect major changes down the road!!
We're not dead, I assure you! If you haven't heard the news: go-diaz/

We're very close to completing our artist search, and then we'll resume our updates. Sorry for the delay!
BTW, expect this week's Blue Yonder closer to Friday!
You do have a point, Skydron, and to be honest, I was thinking the same thing. The problem was the page was running late and we really didn't have a chance to finalize the character designs. I wanted Jared to appear older than he was in the previous pages but not quite full-grown.

To correct this, I'll probably move up the time caption to 2-3 years when I have a chance.

Thanks for noticing. Would you settle for a No-Prize?
Page 4 is going to be late, but trust me when I say this is one page that's worth the wait!
Chapter 3 Starts Next Wednesday
Diego is working on some very cool freelance jobs, so tune in next week for a new "Blue Yonder"!
Yeah, but what better way to prevent awkward attempts of conversation than punching out the nearest occupant. I think I might have to implement this at the office!
Page 5 is on the way! Sorry for the delay!
Sorry I didn't get a chance to reply, Oarboar - things have been a bit hectic. But happy belated birthday nonetheless, and I wish you the best of luck on your webcomic! You'll keep us updated, right?
Blue Yonder will likely be late updating today - Diego is hot at work juggling multiple projects. The good news is I've seen the page and it . . . is . . . awesome!