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I'm a 22 year old from northern Florida.

I enjoy writing and have several stories post on my dA account so check them out if you want. They're not that good.

I'm mostly here to view comics and until my friend gets free time no comics will be posted.
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    Jason F.
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Best inscription ever!
@MontyShay: Yeah! It's right there!
Great, I moused over the page to see what was wrote and now I have that song stuck in my head....time to watch Meet the Pyro again.
I'm glad people are enjoying my random comment.
It's Jigglypuff seen from above.
At least you're updating.
Even though we can't see her face, I'm pretty sure Navi has the same look on her face as Link.
@Nerxual Oh: No, scream free rare candy, that will get more people to come.
Nurse Joy's comment always creeps me out!
Yeah! Fuck him up!
George, what's your dream guy like...even though most of us have an idea.
I Pikachu and a Charmander....oh the Pewter City gym is going to go so well.
Thus they were bonded for all eternity...or for several seasons if the Pokemon anime is anything to go by.
@sega-tendo-com2.0: Well they are in Pewter City......
And shippers rejoice.
Chain reaction! Rube Goldberg would be proud.
I'm sure she's fine.
I love the first panel. I see she's an ass women ;P