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Wannabe comic artist :P
@Jazeki: Well someone should get "drunk". We gotta see what kind of personalities come out of it. XD
@Basketball15: You never know she might turn into a nice person instead. XD
I'm a bit afraid of what might happen if Robin gets drunk. XD
@Jazeki: ya he probably deserved it though.
lol His pride temporarily hurt is okay. :P
@Amante: heh ya. Enjoy it while it lasts. :P (Which probably won't be long lol)
@Basketball15: lol ya they thought she knew about the "escort" incident. I think also Robin lacks a lot of social skills too. XD
I know... must Robin always be so confrontational? XD
@Jazeki: lol I hope you know Leigh said that. :P
@sakurasaki92: hehe let's hope this plan of Ashley's doesn't blow up. >_< Thank you for all your comments, sakura! I responded to most of them but they are all very much appreciated. <3
@Basketball15: You never know... it might actually be a workable plan. XD
Talk about someone digging the hole for you. XD
@Jazeki: Chris got a nice view of... things. XD Thank you for noticing the new banner! It's from this picture with labeled roles. :D
@Amante: It's taking him a little longer this time I guess. XD Hopefully he'll not use his broken charm skills. :P
@Basketball15: I have full confidence that Ashley will make this party even more screwed. XD
I have some credits due that I listed on my DA page here .

lol No comment on this page. :P
@Jazeki: haha ya we shall see. :D Most likely very awkward-like. :P
@Reini: lol yes we can blame that cursed Lemonade Sparkly. :P
@Basketball15: haha Chris and his terrible luck. XD
This is like playing with dominoes... but much more fun. ^_^
@LeoDrake: lol You're probably right. Such a sad life you have Chris. >_< Well Ashley better get to fixing this... or something. :P
@Jazeki: Well she is the "entertainment" for the party. XD
@Basketball15: Yea I think he has like negative million brownie points and counting. XD
@SecretComicLover: lol Ya I suppose so. XD Don't think he has anything to be guilty about though. :P
Well I'm back from my "art" vacation. :D So updates should be regular again. ^_^
@Jazeki: Oh yea... things are about to get even worse from now on. :P
@Basketball15: Nope, not at all. lol XD We can all thank Ashley for this lovely entertainment. XD
@LeoDrake: Oh no she is not going to say he's her fiance. Trust me. ^_^ But ya I think Ashley is going to be needing some corporal punishment soon. :P
This is bad...
Very bad. GDMIT CHRIS all those silly bubbles and flower screentones for nuthin. :P

So yeah, I may take a break for a week or so. Starting to get a little burnt out from drawing comics. Need to draw some easy sunflowers or something for a bit. :P
@AnaCarolinaLyoko: Haha yup an accidental one. :P
@oCubedCheeseo: Thanks. ^_^ lol You have to be "mature" to be looking at a guy's stomach nowadays? XD
@Jazeki: haha ya we'll see for how long though. :P
@Amante: i guess so. lol I should have drawn him with Superman abs ya? :P
@Basketball15: haha ya she likes what she sees. XD
Beware of sharks lurking in the water...
He's not really stripping but it never fails when I see a guy take off his sweater, he never pulls down the shirt underneath hence why I drew it that way. haha :P
@Jazeki: heh very observant. XD Ya I don't think Leigh should be trusted with very many things. ^_^;
@Amante: lol Or possibly an innocent bystander. :P
@Basketball15: Yup, someone is going to get lemonade sparkly to the face... but we shall see who. :P
I predict a natural disaster will happen soon to ruin this tender moment. XD (Violent tsunami?? :D)
@Jazeki: lol yes. :D But it will be a little later (this chapter is turning out to be longer than I planned lol). ^_^;
@Basketball15: I'm glad you think so! Lots of awkwardness too. :D
lol Try not to fall asleep during this scene. Think of it as the eye of the storm. XD