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There isnt much to me, but that which is there is enough to make me, so it must be something.
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Good to see you haven't completely fallen into the abyss
The expression on the last panel really got me XD
I love your comic so far, even if I am not personally a lesbian most of your updates pertain to love in general enough to speak to a broad audience. :D
Hells yeah! Laundry!
Another good update
Did you get the idea of the changing shirt between panels from Jhonen Vasquez? :D Or was it just an accident XD
Well that about explains it
Plus I hate my own artwork, which is always a problem
Yeah, I miss the older art
The expression on the first panel is brilliant XD
1st and still reading
Hey it's your "first fan" from way back on Chapter 1 Page 1 :D

I'm soooo glad to see you reached the big one zero zero. :3

And don't get down on yourself. Hell, I haven't update Bleak The Demon in months D:
Man I absolutely love this comic ^_^
So yeah
Here is a little bit of a background into the character and comic. Bleak is a demon spawn from hell who occasionally travels to Earth, mostly because he doesn't have anything better to do. This comic follows him, as well as some of his other not-so-human buddies, as they do mundane and uninteresting things.

Hows that for a pitch!

Here is a link to the comic as a whole

and here is the start of the latest chapter, as advertised above

Page 3
Part 3/3 of a fan comic my friend James made for me. So yeah.

Hopefully I'll actually have something up soon
Page 2
Part 2/3 of a fan comic my friend James made for me.

Part 3/3 will pop up tomorrow.
A fan comic from a friend
Part 1/3 of a fan comic my friend James made for me.

Part 2/3 will pop up tomorrow.
As great as this whole ghost story arc is and all.... how about we just skip it and get right to the horse and lub :D
Sort of an update
So yeah, I have a strip written but not inked yet, because I hate inking with a passion :D
Couldn't that ghost have waited for one more layer of clothing before jumping out D:
September 11th, 2011
So yeah
........ yep
August 16th, 2011
I'd comment on this image, but I have to, um, go take care of something... for about 5 minutes.... alone-

k thnx bye
Yes, Dreary is the mum of Flora, and the wife of the Reaper. Somebody asked me what kind of person would marry the Grim Reaper... There you have it, a punk demon with some sick duds.

Rocko is based on the spirits I drew in the last comic, except he has an awesome stash and a great sense of style. I have no idea if he will ever show up, I just wanted to draw a mustache :D

Hallow is another character who is the same species as the Reaper and (1/2) Flora (probably going to call them Grims). I have no idea what is up with that species and masks... or are they their faces.... I honestly don't know XD Luckily it looks like Flora inherited her mum's face instead of her fathers XD