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Stop it's Touhou time XD
Remember Boys and Girls Sparrowhawk is a Nice gentle girl one min AND MARISA THE NEXT BLASTING THE WHOLE WORLD INTO DUST

So don't be hasty not intill you see Spar blast you to death which should be any moment now...*see's Master spark used* YES....YES!!!

also forgive me for being away for awhile this maybe a Small page but hey it was all in my mind XD
*Looks at the Thing and points at it* See.
*Looks at Spar* Your next Sparrowhawk XP
Ok if I had my AX Sprites I whould use them but I lost everything and making My own Char Sprits and lost everything I mean My LT was Wiped clean to destroy the corrupted Files but who whould make Sprites for my Main Char Mr C.J.B?
It's only for FAW
The form that has the Highest Votes will be my new form on Fire at Will so Authers & Fans please...choose a form for me to take

Deadline is August 20th
Well what can I say I always have a Habit of making people run for the fun of it XP
If you must know...
I used Shadow Armor X back on my Comic as my Body since I don't have any Sprites of myself...So yeah Sorry and I hope the other authers don't mind also Spar...Boss....I have returned =3