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Where has this law been all my life? I could've financially ruined the shitty parents of so many shitty children! It would've been such a sweet revenge...
I wanna watch this movie, actually
Once it's in Netflix and I can stop anytime if I'm bored. Meh, I feel nothing. Stopped caring about the franchise around Mr. Connor-no-personality's time. I am curious at the lovely CG, but that's that. I shall continue watching only Marvel movies for the time being XD

Unless it gets a 90% rotten tomatoes. Good luck with that.
Do not dispair
Rogue One is coming. It's situated between ep. 3 & 4. Prequels are your friends, and remember Disney threatened already with one Star Wars movie every Xmas (buy our toys!). They will eventually get stuff from the EU, just give them time.
Third time I read this comic, third time I almost punch my screen. SPIDERS ARE CREEPY. TRIGGER WARNINGS ARE YOUR FRIENDS.
Ok, you scare me.
I have no idea if you made up anything in the last panel. Seriously I have no idea.
I'm scared >_>

As for the attack at Charlie Hebdo, sadly, it wasn't even the first time they were targeted. The bastard extremists had a gripe against them since a few years back when they decided to reprint the infamous Mohammed cartoons. All my heart goes to them.
Isn't it...
...a sort of tradition? I thought you are always a prisoner at the start of any Elder Scrolls game >_>
Here in the Northlands...
They closed all of their stores. Not a single one remains, they even pulled out of the huge mall where pretty much everybody else has a store. As far as I know, only the PS4 is keeping Sony alive T_T
I demand...
A monument to Madokami. Kindest goddess in the entire planet.
Fighting. In a leather jacket. A tight, goddamn leather jacket. I WANT TO SEE YOU TRY. Has she ever seen a professional athlete? Cyclists, runners, swimmers? They all wear tight, breathable clothes because they NEED TO HAVE FULL MOBILITY.
Not having her nipples and veins visible through the clothing is one thing. Dressing her like a valley girl is a completely different one.
For once even I think that's taking too far O___O Seriously? He wanted to showcase her "personality" and "motivation" by dressing her like a cheap stripper? >__>
Two words:
The Fuck...? O___o
Does it really matter?
After all, Zynga makes only shitty games for phones and facebook O_o What could they really do that would affect a console player?
Just for the curiosity... a long time Xbox player... are you planning on getting a Xbox One? It's impossible to get a straight, reasonable reply on the internet anymore.
So, I get that... didn't like Iron Man 3? XD I missed it in theaters, I'll have to torrent it like a normal person XD
By the way, happy very late birthday >_> I... uh... well, it would've been scary if I remember it on time.
@Dogbert: And I thought this: ovies.html
...was insane >_> Some of their versions are actually better than a young... Han... Solo... UGHHHH
Oh, I see....
@Dogbert: Like the Broodmother you fight in Origins. Well, now, seriously? O_o Even in the game they mention how the women are violated, it's part of what makes the Darkspawn so disgusting... and someone is making a mess about it?
Lemme stay confused, but now at how some people can still be alive while having only shit in the skull >_>
I'm confused...
I played Dragon Age for 600 hours and I still don't find any "rape". Am I slow or what? And yeah, I played also Awakening, Dragon Age 2 and several DLC >_> Nope, no rape found.
Excuse me for a second...
...while I go WTF O_O Seriously?
Well, mate, thank you for showing me another reason to hate fucking feminists. Considering that figurine "sexist" implies that it can be viewed sexually. Which means, feminist think someone can feel aroused by looking at this. And, now feminist have earnt the title of the creepiest people around O____O
@Dogbert: O_O I thought it had been saved by Sailor Moon.
Or whatever kids these days are into. Now I feel old thinking that Dragon Ball is almopst 30 years old T_T
Who'da thought?
There is some justice left in this world. Anyway, a lot of people who buys used games also buys a load of DLCs, so there's that. Sometimes you are even FORCED to buy DLCs if you want to actually enjoy the game (looking at you, Catwoman), so what's the damn problem?