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I shall not describe myself to the likes of you!
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February 16th, 2008
The images your comment put in my head could not be removed without years of therapy.
February 12th, 2008
to hoping they all ship in the same box.
I've seen many headless accomplished doctors.
epic...make the next big zombie film, now.
i'd have to agree with you...
that would be very hilarious if true
I wish i had flash. We have it on the school computers but never have to time to use it anymore since they canned the digital arts class.
they turn themselfs into walking billboards, so i would assume they pay to do it. Most people wouldn't do that willingly afterall..unless money is involved.
feeling like a jerk, i don't congradulate. Well, actually i do. Good job, I wish I lasted that long...T_T.
i didn't get it till you mentioned pirates 3...

You should have had one of the scopes bending downward because of longness.
no one at my school can do this, we have several fluent japanese speakers and then people who take a class for it. I took the class...but never really learned anything -_-.
June 5th, 2007
I hope that happens to the senoirs at my one likes them.
I'm graduating next year depresses me in some ways.
I say zombies don't have feelings and are only in movies for racial diversity.
You have just increased the power of your series with the Men In Black reference.
I have a friend who used to do stuff just like school...infront of girls. Needless to say, it was damn hilarious.
whats kinda sad is i saw it coming...but i wouldn't have it any other way...
the first part really reminds me of negiama...funny show.
January 23rd, 2007
we should gve irony an emmy for most innovative gadget...

*sluaghters sony*
damn you irony...
January 22nd, 2007
deffinantly a scary thought. Oh well, Starbucks coffee has twice the legal limit of caffine so thats worse. Big Gulb's are to big though...and fast food places/convience stores need to tone down the soda sizes to something more along the lines of 12 oz (small), 16oz (medium), 20 oz (large) and 24 oz (xwtra large) instead of the more common 20 oz/26 oz/32 oz/40 oz. I mean, at Carl's Jr. a medium is 32+ oz