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I wanna become a mangaka, I am currently working in a magazine called Yume, i am like the noob in the group, this is in Mexico, so i decided to do a webcomic, i am still learning, i am not really good, but i will do my best ( = w = )
anyways, i am a big fan of yaoi, shonen and shoujo!!
and My english is not so very good sometimes, and im not good at story writing, the ideas come randomly to my head XD so...i am sorry /( ���¡ A ���¡ ) /,

and i hope u enjoy my manga ideas
thank you m( _ _ )m
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hello there, remember me? ¡v¡ yeah I'm that lazy girl that doesn't update much OTL
I hope there's till people reading this
anyways, yaaay new page after 2 years :D wasn't too long right? -sparkles-
I wonder if my style has change
well I have been in a pokemon group in DeviantArt doing pokemon missions with manga style
please go check it out ;D
also check my other comic Two-Faced lover's new page.
now, see you soon people ^^
Hello people, looooooooong time no see >v>;;;
also check out Mechanical Love new page :D
The Sorry Page XD
yeah, sorry I haven't done anything for..half year? XD but I have been very busy with a comic that I will sell with some friends in anime conventions, and I just finished a chapter, so yeah I have some time free and here it is, first page of chapter 2 yaay
hope u like it
and give thanx to my sempai that is helping me again with the inglish dialougues (it seems that "IT" hates me XD)
I am sorry i haven't put more pages OTL, i have like 4 pages done already, but I still need to correct some dialoges, u know, my enlgish is not so good =A=; and it will be more difficult now because i won't get much help like before, sorry OTL
A Space Dullahan!!!
special thanx to my sempai that i love him so much >w< and that helps me for the english dialoges ^^

( XD yeah~ my english sucks)

applelight: thanx ^^ u r so nice <3

redle: thanx, ur comment made my day lol, i will try my best to not leaved this comic like the other one -sobbu- lol
last page of chapter 1

¡u¡ ur favz and commentz make me want to keep continue this comic
thanx everyone
I really love how you, use the tones :D and really nice story
Oooo sexy OSM Action pose X3
people, SmEXYNESS is gonna be in chapter 2, i am sorry XD -coughUPERVScough- hohohohohohohohohoho~ anyways just one page left to end chapter 1, thanx everyone who reads my randomness comic ^^
December 14th, 2010
yes! more color pages X3
hello there~
while i was doing this, my dad came home with a worker from sky, i think he was a cable instalator, anyways he saw me doing my manga, and saw a magazine in my bed, and he told me that he goes to anime cosplayed with a group cosplayed as bleach characters, it was osm talking to him, he seem like more than 25 yrs old.
the other day i also met...a...POLIOTAKU ( policemen + otaku = Poliotaku) I met him in an anime convention cosplayed as Snake from the game MGS, and he had his psp full of mangas XD and he used to carry kunais at his work lol
Otakus, is the only good thing about my horrible city~
for those who have heard of Jurez city, chihuahua, u know what i mean Dl
don't miss the page before this one :D
oh yeah~ that fat thingy is from SPIRITED AWAY, i just loved that whatever thing is XD
say, don't you get scared when u see moms that look young? well, i do XD
>w< me encanta tu comic
y amo a Ariel, es tan lindo ♥
sorry i haven't umpload anything, i got sick and yeah~ i got lazy~ and i started daydreaming a lot =w= {♥
Thanx fo the favs people ^^

and many thanx to my sempai!
Rei-sempai thank you ¡A¡ ILU!! ♥♥♥
-yells- rei-sempai is my -coughbfcough- @///@lll

note: please don't get scared, i am just crazy >_>lll
O.O Hirny stands like a girl lol
omg! last pannel so funny!!!
i am mexican
forgot to say, the robots commands r in spanish, so don't get scared lol i love to put diff languages
and i would like to share this Hetalia Video that i saw this morning and made me cried ¡A¡ i iwsh i could travel around the worl to meet many people and my dearest Rei-Sempai ♥


@sakurayume49- omg omg omg!!! ♥♥♥ I LOVE YOU!!