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And this is why I'm a hero who personally believes that the single most effective path to solving the problem of evil is simply destroying the world in one single, quick flash of light.
Gotta love "Lawful Evil".
I get this odd feeling that it's not the item, but who made it.
Well, if you need any further help with medical billing / terminology / how a medical report would sound / etc, I'm happy to help. I have an unpleasantly large amount of knowledge in that realm (as it involved reading full hospital records).
Scarily accurate.
So, who did you talk to in Medical Billing to get -that- level of accuracy? I ask as I spent a little too long working with this sort of thing. From the inside.
Some seek to minimize collateral damage. I get the feeling that Blast Radius is more about maximizing the odds of a successful target elimination. You know, things like "Destroyed entire building and all occupants to eliminate mosquito in bedroom."
Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. Better than he was before. Better... stronger... faster.

... yeah, OK, so I'm showing my age.
@Alexis_Royce - I've been around the entire time, just quiet with a lot of real-life interference.
Ahh, finally, my account is recovered! (Forgot my login credentials after a computer upgrade ...)

And seriously, that's no way to treat a med cart. Those things are expensive!
This is why when we're trying to rob a bank quietly in Payday 2, the tellers don't get yelled at to get down. They get dropped. No risk of alarm tags.
Of course. You're a bit far away for me to supply medical aid beyond advice, and you probably have more than enough of that as it stands. Take it easy, we're a patient and loving lot.
Eh, what's a spike in the brain between best friends?
Well. This is both logical and unexpected.
Where I think we all sit on the spectrum of not wanting / wanting more Spectrum Meme (in crappy ASCII form.)

Do Not Want |---------------| Want @ <- us.
I do belive Sonicmadgirl just basically nailed the 'proper description' with 'HAAAAAT.'
@Unknownmysteryguy : Well, my reason is mostly since I ride around in APB:R in an Urbane City Police Car at the moment. What's yours?
A nickname? Oh dear. Well, per the rules of being a member of the Smart-Ass Brigade, I will have to request "Detective".
@Henry91 : Every good villain has a back story. This is the sort of stuff that comes back to be helpful later on, especially since we're getting 4 back stories in 1 go. ^_^;;
... actually, considering the almost awe-inspiringly wide scope of Brony fandom, you'd probably find Victorian Gentleponies dressed in bright colors. Actually, that one isn't likely to even require much in the way of searching.
Awww, Mae looks so sane and non-violent.